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  1. Brittany Chukarman

    Bucket list.....

    I'm reverting back to my start. I'd like to find a place with enough cottontail to have a good hunt.
  2. Brittany Chukarman

    What would you do? Flying neighbor.

    Take it slow Hank. You may need a life flight some day.
  3. Brittany Chukarman

    What'cha got Tunes

    all star lineup
  4. Brittany Chukarman

    Friday Tunage - Spring Storms

    Some more Motown. David Ruffin steppin' up
  5. Brittany Chukarman

    Friday Tunage - Mothers

    But I drove her crazy with this
  6. Brittany Chukarman

    Get the oil hot

    Finally had enough water to launch a boat. First day out since last September. Lots of action on 9-11" smallmouth, probably caught 80 with a few over 12". 6 of them had IDFG tags in them. Crappie were scattered and had to fish hard to put a catch together. Lots of fun.
  7. Brittany Chukarman

    Name poll

    Flaming Gorge
  8. Brittany Chukarman

    Work on your knee?

    Heal quick,Marv. There's fish to catch.
  9. Brittany Chukarman

    Population Growth and Hunting in Rocky Mountain States

    It's a wonderment to me how many of the newcomers are ex Grand Prix racers. What used to be a casual drive to town is now a white-knuckler at times. Idiots passing on blind curves and running right up on your bumper.
  10. Brittany Chukarman


    Ever thought about taking up fishing?

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