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  1. mtmiller

    SE AK black bear 2021 success!

    Great story and hunt. Thanks for sharing.
  2. mtmiller

    The Other Football

    My generation. Soccer….that sport for kids that couldn’t hit a baseball.😜
  3. mtmiller

    Tunage to beat the heat

    No two-track driving for me today.
  4. mtmiller

    What questions should I ask the biologist

    Definitely inquire about honey holes.
  5. mtmiller

    Tunage to beat the heat

    Hit triple digits today. Not ready for this sheet.
  6. mtmiller

    Sunday Pic of the Day

    You will have to trust me, swift fox.
  7. mtmiller

    As they lay

    I was photographing chestnut-collared long spur and had a ground squirrel running around, so I decided to take a break and grab the Pika from the backseat. 14 yards.
  8. mtmiller

    Friday Tunes That Make You Say Wow

    Worst video ever.
  9. mtmiller

    Exciting new Facebook friend

    You want to know who isn't on FB? Post a thread about FB and they will come out of the woodwork to tell you they aren't. ;)
  10. mtmiller

    One way to stop a corner cross

    I don't want someone coming through my living room to get to the post office. Similarly, I don't want someone to ag trespass on my public land. I am weird like that. You are welcome Albus Farms LLC.;)
  11. mtmiller

    Recurve Shooting

    Windy conditions and spooky ground squirrels. Only took one shot and got lucky at 20 yards. Surprised myself.
  12. mtmiller

    Sunday Pic of the Day

    Went looking for swift fox this weekend. Found two dens with min of three pups on each, but too shy for decent pics. Here is a red that was more accommodating. Fun light.
  13. mtmiller

    Lakers Lose

    I was thinking that same thing. 😁
  14. mtmiller


    Found another badger last night, but by the time I explored a little farther down the road he was gone. I did find a swift fox den, so it worked out ok. Hopefully pics of both this weekend.
  15. mtmiller

    Border closure and spring outfitting season

    When the narrative fits anyway. :D Stupid masks.🤔
  16. mtmiller

    Retirement goal changed due to inflation?

    Wasn't really about financial advice. ;)
  17. mtmiller


    Antelope or badgers?;):)

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