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  1. WestKyHunt

    CO Springs - What to do?

    My wife and I are making our first trip ever west in late July (her first time ever west of the Mississippi river) Any must do's/see/eat in the area? We will be there for 7 days
  2. WestKyHunt

    NR Minnesota Waterfowl

    My buddy and I are rolling around the idea of traveling out of state to hunt waterfowl this year as Kentucky has gone down the crapper (wasn't a far fall, but a fall nonetheless). Where do I start when looking for places to hunt? With something like 1500 choices how should I start to narrow it...
  3. WestKyHunt

    The Dangers of Ice Fishing Poles

    Went fishing with my cousin yesterday, when our day was cut short by a treble hook embedded in his arm. For whatever reason he has a ice fishing pole (no ice fishing to be done in KY). While casting the bell flipped back over, and due to the short length of the pole, his rooster tail hit his arm...
  4. WestKyHunt

    Sunglasses - Leupold vs Oakley

    Well, I am finally breaking down and am going to buy a pair of "premium" sunglasses. I go through about 2 or 3 pairs of cheap Walmart sunglasses a year and figured it would pay off to invest in a higher quality option with a good warranty. Right now I'm looking at the Leupold Switchback and two...
  5. WestKyHunt

    Help Me Choose My First Pack (Updated)

    I know similar threads are around similar to this but I'm hoping for updated/specific answers. I've done quite a bit of research thus far. I know I want a ~4000ci bag and would prefer a system where I can easily purchase and swap out bags in the future. When I mention reviews I'm talking about...
  6. WestKyHunt

    Best Water Bladder on the Market?

    After reading around on some other threads and perusing the internet I've come to the realization that the water bladder market is more complicated than I thought. What water bladder does everyone recommend? Any certain brand, closure style, insualted hose? etc.
  7. WestKyHunt

    Where would you go for first time pheasant/quail hunt?

    I have never been on a pheasant or quail hunt, as the quail population in my area is extremely low and we do not have any wild pheasants. I could pay for a release-and-shoot type hunt, but that does not sit well with me. With that said I'm trying to find where to start for a DIY upland hunt...
  8. WestKyHunt

    What camera are you running?

    My wife has been wanting a camera for a couple years and after a run-in with a large curious whitetail the other day, I am sold on purchasing one as well. Looking to see what everyone here is using. I dont have a clue what to look for other than newer mirrorless seems to be a great option...
  9. WestKyHunt

    First Preference Points!

    While I know this isn't a big deal to most on here, I just purchased my first ever out-of-state preference points! Bought one for antelope and elk in Wyoming! I just wanted a place to share this first chapter of western hunting in my life, and figured this is best place as any. I'm sure there...
  10. WestKyHunt

    Update--Should I Trade In My Semi-Auto For a Side-by-Side

    I have had a Stoeger M3500 for 2 or 3 seasons now, and I am about fed up with it. After going through multiple problems I am ready to trade it in. Convince me on why I should switch to a side-by-side or if I should buy another semi auto. My budget is $750 Before someone says get a pump, I...
  11. WestKyHunt

    Factory Ammunition Help - 7 Rem Mag

    I purchased my first 7mm Rem Mag and need help with which factory ammo I should start with. From what's available (and what I've read up to this point), I have narrowed down to these 3 choices. The rifle is a Weatherby Vanguard w/ VX3i Leupold. Will be used from whitetails to elk, and maybe...
  12. WestKyHunt

    Poll: which Leupold to choose?

    I purchased a Weatherby Vanguard in 7mm Rem Mag. Help me choose which Leupold to put on it! The 2 choices are both 50mm objectives on 30mm tubes
  13. WestKyHunt

    From the hollers of Kentucky

    Hi all, After growing up with an unquenchable thirst for adventure, the west, and big game hunting. I have finally decided it is time to start working towards that goal. I've grown up here in the far western reaches of Kentucky; learning at a young age to hunt and fish. From early squirrel and...
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