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    Colorado Unit 76/49/66

    It's good to see myself, the claves will start dropping in a few weeks.
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    Colorado Unit 76/49/66

    Here is a pic from last week.
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    Prairie Dog questions

    OnX and Google earth rely on the counties, cities, Feds and states for the flight photo data. As expensive as this is it does not get updated annually.
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    Colorado Unit 76/49/66

    Come back and comment when you get the draw results so we can go over some areas that could be of benefit to you. You might be surprised at where we have seen elk and taken them.
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    CO Unit 66. Which season?

    Agreed, this unit is really two different worlds. The high country is amazing but it can present it's challenges if you are not prepared. I would work out two plans. One for being up high if there is no early snow, trails, camp locations and view points (glassing locations). And two, the lower...
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    Colorado Unit 76/49/66

    I've hunted there regularly for 4th season cows. I have only seen a few really large bulls, most are decent size 6x6. Definitely nothing I would consider a trophy. Don't let the hills intimidate you. Just be in the best physical shape you can be when you come out. There is plenty of terrain...
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    Elk vs. Wolves

    Don’t laugh to hard but the propane truck driver hit one Monday night, no damage to the truck but damn those things are big. Now we’re down to 10.
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    Elk vs. Wolves

    Don’t laugh to hard but the propane truck driver hit one Monday night, no damage to the truck but damn those things are big. Ow we’re down to 10
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    Elk vs. Wolves

    Thanks, GrantK, Bowhunter999 & mtmuley for your comments. I know the elk move to private as soon as the hunting pressure gets too much and I’m sure the wolves will push them as well. This should be a fun adjustment. The warden we spoke with explained that once the D.O.W, now Parks & Wildlife...
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    Elk vs. Wolves

    Well this spun off in the direction that I had hoped it would not, I know feelings are strong on this. Unfortunately, we have gotten to the point that wildlife biology is now run through the ballot box and as mentioned we are governed by the front range “bleeding heart liberals”. I did the...
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    Elk vs. Wolves

    There here, now we have to deal with them.
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    Elk vs. Wolves

    We did tell the warden and having five witnesses he knew all about them. His comment was, 'they are here and we know it' but we cant say anything. The lions and bears are one thing but knowing this pack this size is going to have to make a kill everyday? You can do that math in your head...
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    Elk vs. Wolves

    To all of you hunters in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho I have a question about elk behavior and the presence of wolves. I’ve been elk hunting in Colorado all my life, we have an amazing resource of elf habitat and a large elk population. The Yellowstone wolves have made their way here. There have...
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    .17 caliber rifle

    If you are set up for reloading then you just need to look at the logistics of feeding the 17 of your choice. Are bullets, brass, primers and powder available? If not, then what are you willing to pay for smiles per bang?
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    Great customer service experience with Winchester anmo!

    Winchester (Olin) is great at responding to any issues. I picked up 10 or 12 of the white box 40 packs of 22-250 once for a rat blasting trip. I was into the second pack and I notice the neck of one casing was split vertically. I stopped and went back through all the brass and almost all were...
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    Prairie Dog questions

    May and June are the best, as soon as the babies come out get on it. That’s when it’s the most fun and productive and the grass is short enough you can still see them. It’s the most fun you can have with your clothes on!
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    Fur friendly caliber/.223 bullet

    The 55 grain FMG’s are great on coyotes, and if you’re stuck on the 223 try the Barnes varmint Grenades. Nice small entry but catastrophic inside with no exit
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    Southern Colorado coyotes

    Same here, we camped north of Kim and the yotes were everywhere at sundown. I’ve never heard so many. The turkey numbers are down again too.
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    Did I miss the memo on Ammunition stock-pile?

    I got caught with my pants down last time, I vowed it would not happen again, Mission successful! And sense my kids are addicted to prairie dog blasting we can go through 1200 rounds in a weekend.
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    Truck camp sleeping bags

    The Browning bags rock, get the -30 rectangular McKinley or Klondike. I have one from 12 to 13 years ago with the fleece lining and I'm 6'5" so I can stretch out and still use a pillow and turn over without busting the zipper. My wife steals it every camping trip but I have exclusive rights...

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