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  1. Brittany Chukarman

    Get the oil hot

    Finally had enough water to launch a boat. First day out since last September. Lots of action on 9-11" smallmouth, probably caught 80 with a few over 12". 6 of them had IDFG tags in them. Crappie were scattered and had to fish hard to put a catch together. Lots of fun.
  2. Brittany Chukarman

    Curious calf selfie

    A good sized herd came in last night. Several of them came up to the camera but this was the cutest picture. They stayed longer than usual this morning. 50-60 head that I could see.
  3. Brittany Chukarman

    Good way to start the day

    I went out to feed the dogs and surprised a herd of 50-60 elk. Some were laying 70 yards from me when I spotted them. Season is on and my wife drew that tag but we have all the elk meat we need so they're safe from me. Lots of fence to fix come Spring but that's just part of livin' out West.
  4. Brittany Chukarman

    Oregon bucks on the prowl

    Saturday the bucks were really out checking the does. Three of these were bucks I hadn't seen before. The big buck got into the willows before I could get a real good look at him. It's been good watchin' lately.
  5. Brittany Chukarman

    Tagged out and grateful

    Since mid-September elk have been coming into my pastures at night and leaving super early. I'm not complaining, deer and elk are welcome on my place and I'll gladly fix fence to have them. My season opened 10/17. I hike from the house and try to get ahead of them but they were always just ahead...
  6. Brittany Chukarman

    They like clover

    For several years I've been developing a pasture on a sage brush bench across from the house. It's grown to about 5 acres now. Early this Spring I broadcast a few patches of Ladino clover on the frost heave ground. The deer really like it and now the elk have found it. They leave well before...
  7. Brittany Chukarman

    Good Fall panfishing

    Good times on Brownlee the last couple days. I've been off the water for a month, sure felt good to be fishing again. Crappie and bluegill slowed down some but the perch really showed up. My party fished with me 2 days and took home 61 perch, 63 crappie and 38 bluegill.
  8. Brittany Chukarman

    School me on steel shot

    I'll be doing more duck hunting this Fall. Decoying and some jump shooting. I know nothing about steel loads. What shoudl I be using? Loads that kill without overdoing it.
  9. Brittany Chukarman

    Will 2020 ever end?

    One thing after another. In April I had a TIA incident out in the pasture. I got off the 4 wheeler to change a sprinkler and fell right down. No use of my left side. It lasted a couple minutes and that was the end of it. After a comedy of errors I finally got an ultrasound then a catscan Tuesday...
  10. Brittany Chukarman

    Smoke on the water

    From the Woodhead fire. I hope Duckslayer is safe up there. Fun charter today. This young man tagged his deer and elk early and had some time to fill before going home. Booked a day's fishing for him, his dad and 5 year old son. The little guy kept busy reeling in bluegill and helping dad land...
  11. Brittany Chukarman

    Good weekend of panfishing

    Crappie are biting light and harder to catch but bluegill are tearing it up. We fished crappie and bluegill Saturday and cats and bluegill today. 30 crappie and 44 gills Saturday, 8 cats and 75 gills today. I've been using Trout Magnets lately and really liking them.
  12. Brittany Chukarman

    Still catching crappie & cats

    I've had good fishing this month. The crappie are hard to find but when you get on them they bite pretty well. Nice, thick fish. Cats are still active but I'm ready to just focus on panfish and maybe just put out a cat pole if I'm anchored on a school of crappie. I just have a local cow elk tag...
  13. Brittany Chukarman

    Late Summer panfish

    Pretty good fishing lately. They're starting to bulk up. By Fall they'll be even fatter and thicker. Small baits 16-26' deep got them today.
  14. Brittany Chukarman

    Some good ones today

    Got into some nice crappie today. These are the best of the 38 we caught.
  15. Brittany Chukarman

    I had a crappie 4th

    I wasn't looking forward to fishing today but it turned out all right. We got out early and all the campers slept in. Got on the crappie early and got them before any boats showed up. Finished the day with a little catfishing. half the crappie catch and the cats
  16. Brittany Chukarman

    The girls wanted a fish fry

    Took my wife and great-niece out for a few hours yesterday. The niece pulled in 3 cats and my wife caught 2. Did a little crappie fishing to finish out the menu.
  17. Brittany Chukarman

    Cats in the morning, crappie in the afternoon

    Had a good combo trip yesterday. Nice, calm day to be out there.
  18. Brittany Chukarman

    Lucky today

    Miserable wind today. I wouldn't have been out there if I didn't have a charter, too many good days to fish. Luckily I found a school of biters over a high spot and was able to get the anchor to stick. They filled the box with crappie of all sizes. Love to pull the rabbit out of the hat on a...
  19. Brittany Chukarman

    Just a fun day of crappie fishin'

    Finally got the boat wet. Great Spring day to be on the water. Lots of action on smallmouth and crappie. My 93 year old dad with a nice one.
  20. Brittany Chukarman



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