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  1. mtmiller

    Newberg '22

    https://www.krtv.com/news/montana-and-regional-news/montana-gains-a-second-seat-in-the-u-s-house-of-representatives Unless Buzz moves home. :D
  2. mtmiller

    Montana Yoga Pants....

    ...hold my beer. https://apnews.com/article/wildlife-oklahoma-5433bc22df3a87efa08c2b52838a2dd7
  3. mtmiller

    Does it matter? Does the number change my mind? Question to myself.

    Anywhere MT. Drive up to the BMA box and there is a 160" (MD) standing around 8 does 200 yards away and oblivious to anything on Thanksgiving Day. Do I kill it and then open the gate to drag it back to the pickup? If it was the same buck a couple miles from motorized access and I have a pack...
  4. mtmiller

    Oak and GH Anniversary

    Platinum for these two in a few weeks, awwww.:eek: Anyone else still left from that era?:unsure::LOL:
  5. mtmiller

    Hunt Fish 30x30

    Interested in thoughts. https://www.huntfish3030.com
  6. mtmiller

    I have the smartest pup.

    Coming back from shooting pics on Sunday and I needed to stop for a gallon of milk. It is raining, but I can trust Slash to hang out in the front seat for a few minutes. Hustled back and noticed him in the back seat on my sleeping bag. Weird. I open the door and I notice my binos are...
  7. mtmiller

    Rifle soft case

    I will probably get some grief, but I will throw it out there any way. I am the worst for soft cases, both rifle and shotgun. I have one beat up case that gets rotated through all my guns. Recently I decided to upgrade and picked up a Cabelas Reserve Rifle case and it is "fine". I should...
  8. mtmiller

    For you bighorn experts, let's play the annuli game

    I have a couple bighorn shots, so thought it might be fun to play the annuli game. I will post one every day or two for some fun. Feel free to throw one in as well. How old is this guy? #1
  9. mtmiller

    Greater sage-grouse

    Still lots of pictures to get through, but thought I would share some interesting video. Not happy that I chopped feet, but still pretty neat...
  10. mtmiller

    Truck camping stove

    This probably should have been placed elsewhere, but Fireside get lots of views, so asking here. I backpack quite a bit, but also spend a crapload of time "camping" in the backseat of my pickup. Often I order pizzas and munch on those while out and about, but I should looking into a better...
  11. mtmiller

    Some bighorn stuff

    Couple little fellas starting to figure it out. https://live.staticflickr.com/video/49290375356/60440551c2/1080p.mp4?s=eyJpIjo0OTI5MDM3NTM1NiwiZSI6MTU3NzU4ODE2OSwicyI6ImY1OTM2MjQxMzY1NzRlMmRlMWE3YWRjODQzMjkwNDcwYzUyMGU1M2UiLCJ2IjoxfQ
  12. mtmiller

    Come on SD, let's talk about your monster whitey.

    It's been long enough and I am bored. I want to hear some opinions on the recently killed monster. Set....go.
  13. mtmiller

    Ruined a kid’s hunt

    Working in south Phillips today and popped over the hill to see a pickup with WA plates stop along the county road. I waved and drove by, but stopped about 100 yards down the road when I saw a youngster get out of the passenger side with a rifle and get in the back of the pickup. He sat his ass...
  14. mtmiller

    Looking for boot opinions

    Well, 3.5 years on my Scarpa Triolets and they are just about slicked off and some stitching is starting to fail. I use these boots every day, so happy with the longevity. I would by another pair, but can't seem to find them at a discount price (paid $238 for current pair). So now I am...
  15. mtmiller

    Interesting lope from this weekend

    It was pretty dark and I had to crank ISO to 3200. Not great shots, but cool buck. I think we both enjoyed the sunset.
  16. mtmiller

    Hungry boo-boo

    Fun bear from yesterday.
  17. mtmiller

    Still packing

    Another good day in the field. Driving through 680 early this morning to survey grouse, I ran into a group of 15 bulls. 4.5 were still packing and 10 had a couple inches. Later bumped into a herd of mule deer, pronghorn and elk; all within 100 yards of each other. Bad shooting light forecast...
  18. mtmiller

    WY elk question I should know

    Early this morning I went to apply for elk and didn't see option to apply and add $50 for point if I didn't draw. I thought this is how it worked in the past, but maybe it has changed or it was just too early in the morning for me. I pulled the plug at check out and will take care of it this...
  19. mtmiller

    I guess he was pretty big.

  20. mtmiller

    Sheep pics

    Here are a few I was happy with. Still editing, so might take a few posts. Big fun for me. Love this state. This guy was working a ewe. Checking low, coming back high. Good spot to scope out girls. Yes, I am a badass. Did someone say party?
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