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    New RMEF CEO selected

    Dart selected as new CEO of Elk Foundation MISSOULA, Mont.-Peter J. Dart has been selected as the new president and CEO of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. After an extensive screening process, telephone interviews, written questions, presentations before staff and key volunteers, and...
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    Colorado unit 371?

    My elk hunting plans kind of got screwed up at the last minutes, so I'm winging it this year. Put in for a 1st season bull tag in 371. Anyone know anything about this unit? It's pretty close to home, so I'll be able to do some scouting, but thought someone here might be able to help with the...
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    Darn this CWD...

    Any of you Colorado hunters look at the new CWD map yet? Lots of new endemic areas, including the unit I hunt. Might be time to find a new spot....
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    BLM looses in court in South Dakota

    My understanding of the details of this thing is sketchy, but apparently a group of organizations (including conservation organizations like Pheasants Forever) has successfully sued the BLM for allowing overgrazing by livestock. The range in areas out there has been found to no longer have...
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    G.W. says yes to more roads.

    Just another example of Republican wilderness-related land ethics.... Rights Of Way Restrictions Eased WASHINGTON, DC, February 6, 2003 (ENS) - A controversial plan to ease restrictions on granting rights of way across public lands went into effect on Wednesday. The rule allows roads and...
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    Game farm shoots... elk vs. buffalo

    I'm wondering about the opions here on this.... if you are against game farm shoots of elk and/or deer, do you feel the same about buffalo? Why or why not?
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    Canned hunts in Colorado also probably going to be a thing of the past

    Opposing arguments were presented to legislative committee yesterday on a bill to outlaw high-fence game shoots in Colorado. It is unclear if it will make it out of committee this year, but if it doesn't it will come up again. Then, look for a ballot initiative in 2004.
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    Lion hunting in Colorado potentially a thing of the past

    I just heard last night that a bill will be introduced to the Colorado legislature next year to outlaw mountain lion hunting in Colorado. This, evidently, is being spearheaded by that chimpanzee woman. With the continuing Californication of Colorado, this probably has a good chance of passing...
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    Why I have to hold my nose when I vote Republican

    Invariably, many on this board will think this is good news, but I wonder.... Hefley furious at choice for panel New lands chief pro-development By Mike Soraghan Denver Post Washington Bureau Friday, January 10, 2003 - WASHINGTON - House Republican leaders chose Rep. Richard Pombo, a...
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    Is there any kind of award for smallest deer taken?

    On kind of a last minute whim, I went out to fill a doe tag over the weekend. Ended up shooting a yearling. Weighed in without guts, head, skin, and lower legs at a whopping 33 lbs! Looked more like a coyote than a deer! She oughta eat well, though!
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    CO first combined season a tough hunt

    The days were hot, it was very dry, and the nights were clear and bright. You couldn't be quiet in the woods. I believe the elk were only moving around after shooting hours. We saw more sign in there than I ever have, but couldn't seem to find any tracks still full of elk. We ended up...
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    Hordaday Interlock on elk?

    I'd like to kill and elk this year with my .35 Rem lever gun. The Hornaday Interlock is the only roundnose bullet I have been able to find for reloading. The only bullets I've reloaded with to this point are Nosler Partitions. I've worked up a load that I like with a 200 grn Hordaday...
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    Colorado allocates more cow tags!

    Due to the draught, Colorado has allocated an additional some 14,000 cow tags. Non-residents can pick up these tags for $100 provided they already purchased one at the regular price. There are unit restrictions, though. Looks like I'll have three elk tags this year!
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    What a way to start the day!

    I volunteer for the Colorado Division of Wildlife. This morning I conducted an elk count on some ground just south of Denver. The bugling was intense. I counted 22 separate branch antlered bulls, three of which were humongus (like Greenhorns). I watched four different pairs of bulls...
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    It's opening morning, you've hunted....

    ... this area before, you've scouted it and established a game plan for the first day. You've hiked into an area you feel has promise and have hunkered down for a while to see if anything happens. Then, from accross the valley or on the opposite mountain, all hell breaks loose. There seems to...
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    My Elk hunting spot... can you tell where it is?

    A little thing I whipped up in ArcMap. This is where I've been hunting the last few years and where I'll be again this year. Maybe Moosie will give a hat or something to the first person to identify this spot???
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    WY reduction in antelope tags???

    Apparently, there was an article in Sunday's Denver newspaper that stated Wyoming is reducing the number of antelope tags available by 6,000. Now I'm even more anxious about the upcoming drawing!

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