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    2020 Montana Deer Hunt

    Great story and awesome harvests! Thanks for sharing.
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    Decoy trailers

    This is an old thread. Last posting was in July of 2020. Welcome to HT!
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    Attn: Waterfowl fanatics!

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    New from Southern Indiana

    Welcome to HT
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    Non-resident outfitter license (MT) Bill is up for hearing 2/2/2021 (SB 143)

    Hopefully the residents (DIY) and Outfitters can come to an agreement to how to handle nonresidents in the future.
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    Non-resident outfitter license (MT) Bill is up for hearing 2/2/2021 (SB 143)

    Good point... We need more of this in the world nowadays.
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    New Mexico non-resident elk is is worth it?

    ANDDDDDD... He's gone, and never back again.
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    Non-resident outfitter license (MT) Bill is up for hearing 2/2/2021 (SB 143)

    From a nonresident looking in, the way I read most of this thread is: Outfitters: You screwed us out of Outfitter Set-aside Tags with a ballot initiative. So we are going to amass a huge amount of lobbying push (spoken $$$) at the Capital and change it for our betterment (including clients). We...
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    Non-resident outfitter license (MT) Bill is up for hearing 2/2/2021 (SB 143)

    And that, is where I was going. Farming is farming. They have their own federal programs to help in bad years. Outfitting is outfitting. That is a whole nother ball of "dirty" wax (that just got rolled in a pile of elk duds). I have agreed that the way the MT outfitter tag allotment bill got...
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    Wtb 6.5 prc adg brass

    Have you reached out to Peterson Brass or directly to ADG? GA Precision sometimes has brass in stock.
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    Ammo shortage causing hunting problem?

    Hoping that some Nosler bullets come into market in the relatively near future. It is getting tougher, the closer we get to hunting season. I was hoping for a glut, but that has not presented itself yet.
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    Offensive, I’m offended

    Ticks, I hate ticks. I can deal with the snakes with avoidance. Ticks creep me out. I will move camp miles to get away from ticks.
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    Axis Deer

    Yes, I have shot 6, my son has shot one, and my wife has shot one. All were shot in the "standard" ungulate vital area. (center from top to bottom, 3" behind the "shoulder") None of them walked away after being hit with a 30 caliber bullet at or under 100 yards. Excellent meat. Some of the...
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    What is your best outfitter experence?

    I used a great outfitter in the Meeker area two years ago, H&H Outfitters. They were extremely professional, had great guides, and the outfitter was on site all day, everyday, until everyone tagged out. He was the coordinator for the guides and the coach for the hunters. He knew the area like...
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    Non-resident outfitter license (MT) Bill is up for hearing 2/2/2021 (SB 143)

    That's only an average of $168,000 per year. I grew up corn/milk cattle farming in the midwest during the corn "down years". We would get 3-4 times that a year to NOT grow corn. Running a farm and ranch is a very expensive business as many people are aware. Some years, you need the help just to...
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    Trade or sell Components.

    PM sent concerning you issues.
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    Wyoming Antelope Unit 21

    Pretty sure if it is in WY, there are antelope. I hunted two of the hardest units last year and was into antelope at least a few times. If you are going archery, you may want make sure there are koolies and such to get in a proper spot and stalk. If you are going rifle, just make sure you know...
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    Episode 154: Civics for Hunters - SB 143 with Mac Minard

    As a future non-resident MT elk/deer hunter, I appreciate you having this discussion with MOGA. It was a "frank and honest" discussion where both sides stated a lot of facts/numbers about the tags, preference points system, outfitters' plight, and the the "perceived intelligence" of non-resident...
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    Gun Regulation Survey

    2. YES 24. YES 26. YES All others NO "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." The right to keep and bear arms in the United States is a fundamental right protected by the Second...