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    Any ceramic BBQ enthusiasts here?

    Eggs are great for low and slow but also kick butt if you want a super hot fire for steaks
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    Never bone out shoulder again

    I’m with you on this recipe...simple and delicious
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    Controversial Recipe Ingredients

    Man I’m having trouble finding anything that can’t be made interesting...guess I like variety
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    Cast iron duck breast

    Man that looks delicious
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    Old Military Photos from Hunttalkers

    The first pic will need a Bubba Rope !
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    Pulled some camera pics

    Nice game cam pics. What camera you using?
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    Landscapes (pics)

    Beautiful shots !
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    My fellow 7mm-08 reloaders...

    Var get would be my first choice followed by H4895
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    Budget Binos

    I can highly recommend Nikon Monarch ATBs
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    7mm-08: Personal Experience on Elk & Deer

    My 7mm08 is leathel on deer and hogs using Barnes 120gn TTSX
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    Whats your most accurate rifle?

    CZ452 American Rimfire, 257 Weatherby centerfire

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