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  1. Backofbeyond

    Finally heading to Alaska: Caribou 2022

    My hunting partner and I are doing the same trip as well, 2022 must be a good year, and Kotzebue Caribou must be the new "it" thing.
  2. Backofbeyond

    FS: Vortex Viper 20-60x85 Spotter

    For Sale: $700 Vortex Viper 20-60x 80mm Objective angled spotter. Used but never abused, includes the neoprene cover. Local to Boise area (or you travel here) only. Sorry, not looking to mess with shipping. Glass is in great shape, and it's been well taken care of.
  3. Backofbeyond

    2022 Kotzebue Caribou hunt booked

    Looks like we'll but up there around the same time, doing the same thing. My buddy and I booked with Golden Eagle for Aug. 2022. Since you're local to me, and have done similar trips, mind if I (and my buddy) bounce questions off you?
  4. Backofbeyond

    How cold is too cold?

    Another thing to remember is your sleeping bag/pad are only insulation - they don't provide the heat, you're body does. The previously mentioned big meal right before crawling in and hot water filled Nalgene helps, but get your body heat up right before you crawl in. Do push-ups, jumping...
  5. Backofbeyond

    Question About Leukotape

    I've had the same issues, but like everybody else, it's because I left the roll in the truck on a hot summer day. And like everybody else, the PITA is worth it. Its still the best option out there, and I'd still pay the $10 for a new roll than deal with the other consequences. Long story...
  6. Backofbeyond

    Kotzebue Caribou

    My hunting partner and I are "discussing" booking a drop camp caribou hunt in 2022 out of Kotzebue. Anybody have any experience doing this? GoHunt is showing an 83% success rate, and an acquaintance recommended Golden Eagle Outfitters. It seems like this may be about the most affordable...
  7. Backofbeyond

    First hand Covid symptoms

    Wife ended up bringing it home from work, we both got it. I tested positive but has ZERO symptoms, wife was pretty well laid out for 10 days - fever, cough, body aches, no taste/smell, and some pretty severe fatigue. All the classic symptoms. It took her quite a while to get 100% and back on...
  8. Backofbeyond

    Golfer has a hole in one, one abdomen that is

    Sorry, I can't help it. "Play stupid games, get stupid prizes." And by stupid game, I mean golf.
  9. Backofbeyond

    The good old ammo days....

    And, as a kid, you could ride your bike down to the gas station, spend a $1 on .22 shells, then spend all day entertaining yourself with whistle pigs.
  10. Backofbeyond

    What states offer the best NR tag values

    Definitely not Idaho. I honestly wish they would raise the price of resident tags, and cut the quota of NR tags.
  11. Backofbeyond

    Build your own!

    FIFY. You're Welcome. 🤞
  12. Backofbeyond

    Washing meat

    If needed, I will hose down quarters or whatever before i hang them, then dry them off with a lint free micro-fiber towel, then hang them. Once it's ready to cut there's no water involved, if there's still a few stray hairs i'll either pick them, let them come off with the rind, or grab a small...
  13. Backofbeyond

    Washington County, ID - Huh wha?

    Would if I could, but I'm not a resident in that county. Plenty of my wife's family is though - they vote.
  14. Backofbeyond

    Washington County, ID - Huh wha?

    Couldn't disagree more. Public lands are owned by the people, and held in trust by the federal government - meaning managed in the interest of ALL US citizens, not just the people that live next door. If states gain control of public ground they will be managed (and I'm gonna get real tongue...
  15. Backofbeyond

    Washington County, ID - Huh wha?

    Yup. It's real. They really think this is a good idea...
  16. Backofbeyond

    inreach issue

    I had the same issue with mine, but its a Garmin, not a Delorme. Haven't found a fix, but will try the customer service route when time permits. Let me know what you find out please.
  17. Backofbeyond

    Build your own!

    ^ l l l l No need, you just need to pull THIS HTer next week.
  18. Backofbeyond

    Vertical Grip on a Hunting Rifle

    Different strokes for different folks - as in depends on the use. My 7 RM has a vertical grip on it and I really like it for it's intended use. My Winchester '94 has a nearly horizontal grip, and I like that to, for it's intended use.
  19. Backofbeyond

    Caution Warning: Racism #huntingwhileblack

    Sometimes the "ignore" button is oddly satisfying.
  20. Backofbeyond

    BLM fence crossing

    I really don't have anything to add about fences being on public, it's all been said before. What I would like to add though is, if you come to a gate on public leave it in the same condition you found it. As in, if you open the gate to cross the fence line, close it behind you. If you find...

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