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    Caliber suggestions.

    Accuracy wise, how do the 260 vs 7-08 playout ?
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    Caliber suggestions.

    Getting too old to carry the heavy ‘06. This past season was my last with it. Already have it sold. Looking for something short action. 308 max either 257 or 260 minimum. 7-08 in the mix too I suppose. Deer will be biggest, coyotes likely more often. Are any of the choices inherently more...
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    DU Browning A5 Sweet 16. Never fired.

    Message sent
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    DU Browning A5 Sweet 16. Never fired.

    I would too.
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    New ( old ) guy

    Thank you all.
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    Coyote Eats Deer Before Hunter Gets To It

    Dang. Yea, that’d rub me the wrong way too. I’ve seen yotes get animals if left overnight, but not within an hour or two.
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    Wisconsin Wolf kill reaches 50% of statewide quota after first day of season; DNR to close three zones

    Also from near Green Bay. No dogs in this group. Called them in.
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    New ( old ) guy

    Bouncing back and forth between Ky and Virginia. Been spending a lot of time in and through Cumberland Gap. I’m getting too old to be carrying a heavy gun up and down these hills. That’s one of the reasons I joined, to get some good opinions on lighter rifles and shotguns. You all are spread out...
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    Looking Remington 700 Short Action

    Not sure what I need to do, but I’m gonna try to follow this thread.
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    6.5 Creedmoor vs 7mm-08 vs 270

    Watching this thread as I’m interested in something under 30 caliber.
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    New ( old ) guy

    Just joined. Been reading on here for a while. Seems like a wealth of information here. Thanks for having me.
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