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    Outdoor Vision bino harness?

    Have one and love it!
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    MR bag for NICE Frame

    I have a crewcab (I believe that’s the name) if you’re interested.
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    Fort Collins hunting partner

    Hi All to clarify on antelope I haven’t drawn an antelope tag in CO since living hear but 2020 may be the year! In regards to hunting antelope annually our neighbors to the north have lots of opportunity! I have been away from the hunt talk forum for a bit but will be messaging some folks today.
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    Tikka T3 Lite 270 w/ BC Stock.

    Have this exact same rifle and stock or I’d be all over this deal. Mines a heck of a shooter and had to get a chronograph involved to determine load, lots of clover patterns at 100. Good luck!
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    Fort Collins hunting partner

    You bet! I am thinking deer or speed goats for a first hunt with someone. My favorite is mule deer so always looking for someone interested in deer. As for my other plans the only hunt I have pretty well locked in is a Muley hunt in wyo that will be a family deal with my brother some cousins and...
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    Fort Collins hunting partner

    Hi All looking for a hunting partner for 2020 and beyond. I have lost 2 of my hunting partners this year. First wasn’t a great fit and second is moving for work. I still have my brother but would love to have a couple folks to hunt with. I have young kids which leads me too why I don’t have time...
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    Unit 73 with 3pts

    I think that was what it took in 2018. I tried with 3 to draw in 2019 special and didn’t pull the tag. I remember thinking when I put in for it this past spring thinking it was a lock and I didn’t get a tag.