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    Campsite privy

    I'm not a fancy guy, I find a comfortable spot, squat and let the breeze caress my bum!
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    Saving a Muzzleloader

    I'd soak the thing in oil, bore brush the crap out of it. Keep cleaning until patches come out clean and assess damage. If it was fired and never cleaned, there will be some heavy pitting inside the bore. It could still shoot great or it could shoot like chit, you won't know until you clean it...
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    Kansas Poacher

    Probably wouldn't have gotten any jail time if he weren't a felon.
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    Does your pack stay full?

    I constantly unpack/repack everything. I run three separate types of packs during the hunting season depending on the type of hunting I do. During the off season, I store all my stuff away properly. Certain things stay in my "main" pack which I use for other things like shed hunting, weighted...
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    NM Draws Are Open.

    My credit card hates you for writing this.
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    Camo Necessary?

    I used to be a "Realtree AP everything" kind of guy. I'd buy nice big camo outfits to throw on an orange vest and sit in a box blind for hours. As my hunting style changed I moved to higher quality gear but stuck to camo. I eventually realized that camo everything isn't a game changer for big...
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    Elk Nose Bone Needed

    I somehow broke my 2018's Mule Deer nose bones, I ended up pulling them out and it looks kind of cool. When people ask why that one euro mount is different I just say I 100% did it on purpose! 😬
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    Hello from OK

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    Off to the buyer

    Nice haul!
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    Hello from northern Minnesota

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    New from Colorado

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    Cow moose, hunt of a lifetime (WITH Pictures lol)

    Congrats on the moose! Every year I keep telling myself that I should keep hides but I always forget... It'd be nice to have moose, whitetail, mule deer, etc. My brother did it for his first deer, it was a doe so he figured he'd keep the hide, it looks great.
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    Gratitude and My First Bear. Long Story.

    Congrats on the booner! Also, never thought of making bear bacon!!!
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    Believe it or not, it's actually illegal to refill 1lb propane bottles in Canada. I feel safer already!
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    Recommendations for applying with 0 or 1 point for elk

    No, applying for a reduced price tag WILL NOT affect your points. Applying for a Type 4 and 5 cow tag (full price tag) in the draw will affect your points if you draw your first choice but a lot of those tags can be drawn as 2nd and 3rd choices which WILL NOT affect your points. You might want...
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    What will accelerate the death of hunting faster?...

    This is the dumpster fire I needed tonight!
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    Recommendations for applying with 0 or 1 point for elk

    Apply to reduced price type 6 or 7 cow tags in WY. No points and pretty much guaranteed to draw in a lot of areas.
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    Four Potential Poachers Caught on Camera and Hunter Shoots Wrong Buck

    I'll bring the beer?
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    Four Potential Poachers Caught on Camera and Hunter Shoots Wrong Buck

    Buddy driving down trails in a beater Dodge Caravan clearly doesn't give a phuck! I wouldn't mess with him.
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    MT resident

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