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  1. danwolf

    Bicycling with broadheads

    I've carried my bow with quiver on on my handle bar no problem, however I'm not going super fast in pancake flat Texas where I've hunted with it. In your situation up and down a mountain I'd definitely use an arrow case and leave it with the bike while hunting.
  2. danwolf

    Backup bow?

    I've met several people that bring a back up hunting, sometimes even their trad bow. So no real consistency going from a compound to a trad. A bowhunting friend of mine thins his backup actually it shoots better than his newer one, but they are both the same model Mission. His bow's were both...
  3. danwolf

    Greetings from Utah...

  4. danwolf

    New member and new hunter

  5. danwolf

    Just landed

  6. danwolf

    Oh yes Wyoming

    I drew my 3rd choice for antelope...I might not be able to hunt it due to my work schedule.
  7. danwolf

    Anyone build a plywood bed platform/divider?

    1/2" plywoods is about 45 lbs a sheet and I used roughly 2.5 sheets, I guess 120 lbs.
  8. danwolf

    12V RV Cell Signal Boosters?

    I used to use the Wilson 3G signal booster in my truck for AT&T. Worked great but keep service provider in mind as mentioned before and how many users you want the booster for, most 12v boosters only work for one phone at a time.
  9. danwolf

    Thoughts on BX-1 McKenzie 10x42 binos

    I haven't heard of those, I bought the Vortex Diamondback 10x42's which are similar. Both hare Bak4's, multicoated, and gas purged. I'd buy them.
  10. danwolf

    On the cheap?

    Yeah military boots do work well well hunting. I wore the soles off my Belleville's last season in elk country. It is a good idea to have a backup pair in the truck...
  11. danwolf

    On the cheap?

    No...lots of confusion here about phones using the OnX Hunt app. Phones have a built in GPS. Download the map on the OnX Hunt App to the phone- Off Grid tab- select 'Save new Map'. Put the phone on airplane mode when hunting. Open Onx app and go to the 'Off Grid' tab- select 'Go Offline'...
  12. danwolf

    Anyone build a plywood bed platform/divider?

    1/2" Plywood. Was going to put two drawers, but my bow case fits pretty snug in one of the drawer compartments so I use it like that for now. Rigged up a Blue Sea panel in the back to access 12v power from my aux battery.
  13. danwolf

    Archery OTC Dilemma

    It's not easy to round up friends that are typical weekend warriors to drop vacation time to hunt, and drive such a long way. I drove 18 hrs to AZ this year for my first OTC mule deer hunt. I'd do it all over again. I will be going on my first elk hunt this year OTC archery and it'll be a 20...
  14. danwolf

    Howdy from TX!

    Welcome from South TX. Good luck in NM this year.
  15. danwolf

    Face Coverings ??

  16. danwolf

    Flying with meat

    Glad we could help
  17. danwolf

    Face Coverings ??

    Sometimes I wear a ASAT leafy suit and its mask thing that doubles as a mosquito net. Otherwise, beard cammo.
  18. danwolf

    Iguana (Chicken of the trees) - Anyone ever try this?

    I've heard in parts of Mexico and Puerto Rico they are hunted with air guns and are table fare. Working in West Africa I've yet to meet a man that eats iguanas or frogs.
  19. danwolf

    Flying with meat

    I've used soft sided coolers with frozen meat wrapped in newspaper several times. Meat was still frozen when I got home.