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    Wait.... Now i'm confused... 100gr from your 25-06 was DRT, so you switched so the animal could have a chance to walk off to die??? I'll take the bullet that does massive internal damage any day over that!
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    Hot off the press

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    Best .308 parent case cartridge

    Nope! Strictly 308 based! At least this way we can't get a vote for Manbun! My favorites would be 7mm-08AI, and 25 Souper..
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    Storage Life of Factory Ammo

    Factory ammo? What's that?? Bear in mind that you don't know how long it was in the manufacturers warehouse, transport, distributors warehouse, shiping again, and storage at the store.
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    Rifle brand. Howa, Tikka, Bergara...

    The Pentastar tattoo on my right arm suggests there is no debate.. Lol Lots of good advice here though. Another option... Maybe one of the new Mausers...
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    Rifle brand. Howa, Tikka, Bergara...

    Johnson, As was mentioned, the Tikka T3X has a synthetic stock. The T3X Hunter has a wood stock. Go with what fits you best.
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    6.5 - Swede or [Redacted - Rhymes with Swede]?

    I don't get it... Swede doesn't rhyme with Manbun.... For your wants, i'd choose the 6.5X55. My wants are different.
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    35 Whelen

    Egads... And here i thought a purple stocked Mauser was bad... Lol
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    35 Whelen

    Wait.... There is actually a town named Assawoman??? Now i've heard everything... Lol Still, not wanting to hurt your business.
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    35 Whelen

    So find a used M70 and do a barrel swap. Savage is easiest, but Rem/Win/Mauser/Ruger not all that hard or need expensive tooling. At least for me. If you live in VA, then you need to take it to AssawomanGunsmith, and have her do it.
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    Laramie/SE Wyoming Gunsmiths

    If/when i finally convince my wife to move out there, you can feel free to contact me. Lol Alas, untill then, i don't know anyone out there. Why do you need a smith?
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    Mauser build, with slight twist...

    Yes, she actually called on Monday per my suggestion. She ordered the upgraded palm swell, and the adjustable butt pad. The one that you can offset left & right. The upgraded palmswell makes a HUGE difference. And i ordered an EGW one piece 0MOA base, Vortex Viper low rings, and a Sightron SIH...
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    Big Fin's 2019 Shop Cleanout sale

    Need to offer up more "Hunting with Randy" trips....
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    Which ballistics calculator program

    Another vote for Strelok Pro. Lots of reticles, so if you have the time, you can see what it will look like through your scope. G1 & G7 bullet data base. BC or velocity truing. Blue tooth to Krestel, or online weather app. The list goes on...
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    35 Whelen

    Oops... Misunderstanding there. When you said "pa", you meant dad. Not Pennsylvania... Lol My bad...
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    Mauser build, with slight twist...

    Oh how i love my wife & daughter... Daughter came over today. Wife had me tell her what i was doing for "her" rifle build(being my daughters). Showed her what i had done so far. She asked about stocks. I was pointing out the Walnut AT One stock. Wife asked about the "purple one". I...
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    Recommendation for chronometer?

    I'm using a Chrony Beta Master. Little over $100. I took some foam, and an old fishing tackle box and made a custom box to carry/store it in. No matter what you get, fresh batteries are the key.
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    I find it interesting that people complain about Winchester control round feed. But not Mauser, or the Ruger M77.. Curious.....
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    rifle for elk?

    Though i haven't yet bought from him, Schmalts is your guy for new optics! Leupold, Vortex, Sightron. Don't dis the Sightron, $ for $ is really hard to beat!
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    35 Whelen

    Hmmm, My answer may vary depending upon where in PA you reside. And not so much. My recommendation, and one i've done several times. Find used Stevens/Savage 110. Call E.R. Shaw and order barrel. They will deliver to your door. Oh, and their bluing is beautiful! And they are made in PA...