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  1. Birddy

    Happy Fathers Day!

    It truly is a happy Father’s Day!
  2. Birddy

    The downside of a driven bird dog

    I don’t deal with a lot of drool but the shedding is enough to make my pickup look like the van in dumb and dumber I think
  3. Birddy

    Career Advice

    This is right on the money. First thing that came to my mind and you took the words out of my mouth. Pay and schedules will vary wildly but if you can get on with a good company you could get the best of both pay and schedule. They usually treat their engineers well
  4. Birddy

    The walleyes are biting!

    This was in ND on a small prairie lake
  5. Birddy

    The walleyes are biting!

    We need a dislike button! Nectar of the gods!
  6. Birddy

    The walleyes are biting!

    12’ of water with leeches
  7. Birddy

    The walleyes are biting!

    Did pretty good today on the walleyes
  8. Birddy

    Any experience with ground jerky sticks?

    Very cold is the best/safest
  9. Birddy

    Weekend of Foraging

    Forgot the most important picture!
  10. Birddy

    Weekend of Foraging

    A bit late but spent the weekend making a final push to fill the fridge with goodies. Picked a good batch of morels Friday, walleye fishing sucked on Saturday, spent Sunday picking wild asparagus and fishing pike as a family. Pretty successful all around other than the walleyes. Revenge will be...
  11. Birddy

    Any experience with ground jerky sticks?

    Mix in the seasoning well. When you think you have it all mixed in mix a little longer. Pretty fool proof using a store bought seasoning like high mountain and a dehydrator
  12. Birddy

    Life's advice and phrases....

    The one that was probably the most true and the most useful in the last 3 years for me was Randy’s advice of peace not justice in marriage
  13. Birddy

    Hello from NW NoDak

    Welcome! I am in bismarck but spend have spent a considerable amount of time in the bakken. I, unlike most, love watford city. Great town
  14. Birddy

    Meat Hunt(s)

    This is a great thread. I would love to find a place to successfully hunt cow elk late season. I feel like that would be a major freezer filler! Usually shoot 3 deer a year but an elk would be a nice touch!
  15. Birddy

    Venison Wellington

    Thank you sir!
  16. Birddy

    Venison Wellington

    The end result with some fried potatoes and roasted broccoli and Brussel sprouts
  17. Birddy

    Venison Wellington

    Ingredient #2 is some river bottom morels
  18. Birddy

    Venison Wellington

    Ingredient #1 is my ND archery buck
  19. Birddy

    My first bear (MT)

    Congrats on a beautiful bear!