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  1. Bluejeep


    I have for sell a XL pair of firstlite Obsidions pants. I have lost weight and they no longer fit to my liking. No holes, no tears, no stains. Only issue is the label is fading from being worn/washed. $125 TYD Also listed in the trade classifieds
  2. Bluejeep

    WTT firstlite Obsidions

    I have an XL pair of first lite Obsidions I am proud to say I am now to small to wear. I am hoping to trade them for a large set of Obsidions or Corrugates. I love the suspenders, so if your pair doesn't come with any, I would like to keep them. No holes, no tears, no stains. Only problem is...
  3. Bluejeep

    InReach text message problem

    So I activated my InReach yesterday, giving me and the wife a week to play with it before I head into the woods. While I can get the email messaging to work, the text messaging does not. In shows sent on the unit, but neither her phone, my phone, nor my daughter's phone gets the message. The...
  4. Bluejeep

    Sleeping peacefully in griz country

    Just curious about what other backpackers are doing in griz country as far as sleeping at night. This will be my first year hunting in griz country and normally I just sleep under a tarp if anything, usually just bag ontop of pad and call it good enough. but I have a 2 people tell me now I...
  5. Bluejeep

    Which spotter is "good enough" ?

    So here is my delema. I have been wanting to go sheep hunting for quite a few years and I have decided to stop waiting and just do it. I have never needed a spotter before for any of my hunting, but then I have never hunted an animal that was so hard to identify if it was legal or not. I know...
  6. Bluejeep

    Does swarovski ever go on sale?

    I have never seen them on sale before, but a guy at my local sporting goods store says about once a year they will do 5% off and if I'm real lucky and catch the dealer coming through, he passes out coupons for 10% off. Anyone ever hear of this? 5% off $3000 glass is $150. While that may not be...
  7. Bluejeep

    Founder of Kuiu dead

    I didn't see this anywhere else on the forum, so I thought I would pass it along. I really enjoyed his videos. He will be missed. http://
  8. Bluejeep

    WTS Eberlestock J107 Dragonfly w/extras

    Eberlestock J107 Dragonfly Super spike duffle Zip-in panel Multi-pocket chest rig $250 TYD Also listed on the trade/swap page
  9. Bluejeep

    Eberlestock J107 Dragonfly w/extras

    I have for trade a lightly used Eberlestock J107 Dragonfly pack with the extra zip in panel, Super spike duffle, and the multipocket chest rig. I am hoping to trade for a bow that I can use to hunt with. I have no experience with archery equipment and would need something that I can pick up...
  10. Bluejeep

    Montana Prarie Dogs for 1st time hunter

    After a few years of watching me leave and go hunting, my daughter thinks she might be ready to go with me. Shes 13 and hasn't killed anything but a few rats that sometimes run through our backyard here and there. She has been shooting with me several times, but I would like to find someplace...
  11. Bluejeep

    Finally free

    Hello, my name is matt. I just recently moved from Komifornia to big sky country, beautiful Montana. I grew up in oregon hunting and fishing and often skipping school to do so. I was shanghai'd by my now wife and ended up stuck behind enemy lines for the last 9 years. Now in montana, I feel I...