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  1. Bowhunter65

    need a ride for a hound

    hope this is ok, Anyone traveling from Jackson, Wyoming to kalispell or Missoula, Montana. I need a ride for a bluetick male hound. Text me at 406-253-4670 thanks
  2. Bowhunter65

    My bowhunting buddy

    My best friend and bowhunting buddy ( my son Dylan) is lost to high school football. Well it could be worse I guess. He won't be going on our 10 day hunt with us, we will try to get out when he can. Terry
  3. Bowhunter65

    Zink's Big Sky Archery Targets

    We have gone from just making a few targets to now making them on regular basis. We are using recycled shrink wrap and plastic sheeting in our targets. The targets are a box target made out of 3/4 CDX plywood We have ordered a line of targets skins, Elk, whitetails, mule deer, black bear...
  4. Bowhunter65

    home made archery targets

    My 14 year old son and I have been building these archery targets, 3'x3'x18"-----24" and 4'x4'x18"------24" , fun family projects
  5. Bowhunter65

    Montana's public lands

    Montana Public lands; Please take a minute and share this with every hunter you know, no matter if you live in Montana or not, you may very well want to come here and hunt. Folks this is not about being a Republican or Democrat these are our public lands that we hunt fish and recreate on, should...
  6. Bowhunter65

    Weyerhaeuser closes lands in Western Montana
  7. Bowhunter65

    Another Grizzily attack

    Grizzily attack in the Flathead Valley. We need to fight to get the grizz delisted.