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  1. Arbutusbucks

    Exercise Equipment

    There are pros and cons to "crossfit" type conditioning that is beyond the scope of your question...but if you can find a crossfit gym in your area I would really recommend giving it a shot. On TV all you see are the beasts but a good crossfit coach/trainer has the ability to greatly improve...
  2. Arbutusbucks

    idaho elk

    Awesome! Cool pictures
  3. Arbutusbucks

    Sorry ill pm you.

    Sorry ill pm you.
  4. Arbutusbucks

    MT Biking For Bulls In Wyoming?

    BigRed is right on, surly makes an awesome trailer. Only problem I have seen with them is they have two wheels instead of one. That's the price you pay for the added load weight though. Also, they are pretty expensive, and 30lbs. It depends on the trail/road you get on and to an extent how many...
  5. Arbutusbucks

    MT Biking For Bulls In Wyoming?

    I don't know anything about Wyoming, and I am brand new to elk hunting but I am an avid mountain biker. I would look into BOB trailers, seems like you can load them up and really get out there if you are camping. I plan on doing an ID hunt next September and I think I will bivy with my bike and...
  6. Arbutusbucks

    First Elk DIY NM

    Thanks everyone! Howdy, just talking with a few guys in camp they say that the muzzleloader hunt is the best hunt to get. I am an ultra passionate bowhunter so I am hoping to draw the second season archery someday. In the meantime I am looking at Idaho, I am also a big mountain biker, and I...
  7. Arbutusbucks

    First Elk DIY NM

    Not sure what happened to my..."Hello HuntTalk" but it was there!
  8. Arbutusbucks

    First Elk DIY NM

    I am from PA and I am new to this forum. I drew a NM Unit 34 (1st Archery Season) tag. The bulls seemed to be just turning on in my opinion, but then again it was the first time I have done this. First morning I had a rag horn at 10 yards, but thought I would hold out since it was the first...