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    Washington's Wolves

    Gotta do whatchya gotta do!
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    2012 Elk AND Mule Deer Down!

    I don't even know where to start...last week was great hunting! Spent 3 days hunting and filled my tags the first 2! The sun was out so the muley bucks were in the shade of the rocks during mid-day. Elk were screaming from sunrise to sunset. I ended up shooting my muley at 7 feet after...
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    Trophy Wildlife Auction Set for Great Falls

    I found this on the FWP website (news). Has anyone ever gone to one of these auctions? Do many people attend? Do other regions hold these auctions also? Are there ever any good deals or does it get quite pricey? A statewide trophy wildlife auction will take place Sept. 8 at Fish, Wildlife...
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    A great MT archery opener!

    I spent opening day hunting with my girlfriend and some great friends. The morning started off glassing and hunting elk. No shots but saw some great bulls. As it got hot, we moved to a different part of the ranch and glassed for antelope and mule deer. I spotted an elk shed through my...
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    2012 Antelope Season

    I've been out chasing antelope twice before yesterday...some close calls on some big bucks and passing up the smaller ones. Yesterday I took my dad out for his first hunt of the year. I usually like to set up my Double Bull Blind over a water hole and put him in it. Then I go off and spot and...
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    2012 Broadhead Review

    What brand of broadhead are you using this year? Mechanical or Fixed blade? I only had 10 spaces for options, so feel free to write in your answer in a new post to include mechanical or fixed. Enjoy and have a great archery season!
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    Badlands 2800 question...

    I know this is a big MR backpack site but I have an opportunity to buy a new Badlands 2800 for $70. I have the Badlands Diablo, Sidewinder and an old model from them and like them all, so much so that I bought my dad the Superday. I also have a Cabelas Alaska packframe to pack meat out with...
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    Odd/Cool Animal Pictures

    Something to pass the summer heat until hunting season arrives... I was going through my external hard drive and found a bunch of "ODD/COOL" animal pictures I've had sent to me over the years. Here are a few of mine...let's see what everyone else out there has to offer.
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    Some nice "RACKS" from the past!

    I was going through my external hard drive trying to find some old pictures and came across these... I thought I'd share them with you all. Enjoy!
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    Another great MT spring bear season...Part 1

    I was able to do quite a bit of bowhunting for bear this spring, between taking family turkey hunting that is. In all, I saw 5 bears, one was a griz. Here is how my season ended… I had planned on hunting with my dad all of Memorial Day weekend, which started on Friday for us. My dad is 62...
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    A great MT turkey hunting weekend!

    I took the girlfriend turkey hunting this past weekend. We had planned on bowhunting but she messed up her neck and can't draw her bow, so we resorted to shotgunning. The ranch where we hunt usually has 150+ turkeys behind the buildings all winter and this past winter there were only 20. We...
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    Her First Pronghorn!

    My girlfriend drew her first antelope tag this year...a year when numbers are way down where I usually hunt. And, did I mention she broke her ankle in two spots this summer and needed foot surgery? After they removed the cast, they had her in a walking boot and she was released from that two...
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    If it's BROWN, it's DOWN!

    Last month, I described my elk hunt in a different thread and that my dad helped me pack out my bull. Because of work and the weather, he had not been out after elk all season other than to help me pack, just deer and antelope a few times. Also, my dad enjoys rifle hunting like I do archery...
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    Most popular compound bow brands

    Just curious as to which brand of compound bow is the most popular amongst users of this site. I know most of us have multiple bows, so I set the poll so that you can only pick one brand, the brand you are currently hunting with.
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    Big Game Forever Wolf Video

    I've attached a link for the Title video. I'm not promoting BGF, just thought the video was one many of you would be interested in.
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    2011 Montana Raghorn Down

    As everyone who lives in Montana knows, it's been hot so far this hunting season. Because of that, I'd been waiting to go elk hunting and yesterdays weather forcast called for cooler weather. My alarm went off at 3:30 am and I contemplated getting up but decided to stay home to see my kids off...
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    2011 Montana Coyotes

    I got a FOXPRO Firestorm for Christmas '10 from my girlfriend (yeah, she's a keeper). I had always used mouth calls for calling in yotes but had heard good things about the FOXPRO's so I was excited to try it out. I was an electronic game call rookie! My dad and I hunted coyotes mid-January...
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    2011 Montana Spring turkey

    Hello All. I'm pretty new here, 1 month, and figured I'd finally start a thread of my own. It was going to be on coyote hunting as that was the start of my 2011 season (my dad and I called in and killed 26 this winter using my Foxpro) but I decided on my turkey hunt instead. My dad and I...