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    Central Montana elk sheds

    Thanks for the responses. I’m guessing he stays on private a lot if he wasn’t killed already. We didn’t see any elk only older sign
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    Central Montana elk sheds

    Me and my boy found this set in region 4 Montana last fall while deer hunting. I went back this spring and never found a shed in two days of looking. I guess we were lucky the first time.
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    Montana big four draw coming up soon !

    Oh I’m sure you will get to go at 1800, just save me a bull or two! I’m setting my hopes high this year. Good luck to those that pulled tags this fall
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    Montana big four draw coming up soon !

    I’m 2046 on the Yellowstone bison hunt roster, so I have a chance!
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    Colorado Unit 66 Help..

    It’s going to kick your butt without good mountain horses. Does your wife have a good term life policy on you? Watch out for warning signs of attitude sickness and you can expect heavy to severe lightning thunderstorms that week most years. Those mountains are very mineralized and attract...
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    Memorial Day

    Thanks to those who gave it their all. Rest In Peace and God Bless your families.
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    Looking for camping info around SE Montana

    There are showers in Alzada and Broadus, along with ice, beer, water, etc. Tons of spots to camp on public, just try to locate a spot on the lee side of a ridge that is facing southern and avoid having your stove facing into the wind, it can backdraft your tent if your exposed too much. I would...
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    Can someone help me out with a MT B tag question?

    Correct, hunted on a 799-20 either-sex rifle tag last year and we had a really tough time locating elk in 704 on public lands. Likewise a lot of cow elk hunters were not successful.
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    Bluetick Pups

    Great looking hounds. Look like Duncan B&T, but a very pretty blueticks
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    Montana - Which week?

    I have seen some dandies around late November, it would be an easy decision. I have had better luck on both elk and deer later in the rifle seasons, and I only hunt public land. Enjoy your trip to Gods Country
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    Turkeys - lets see em

    Yes they are mostly Easterns in the Flathead Valley and they are really doing well. We usually get 2-3 toms each year between me and my boy.
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    camp pics

    It’s called a two dog night! The previous owner did that, and it really saves time. I think a person can setup a 14x16 in about hour and half.
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    camp pics

    Thanks, I bought it used off Craigslist, It seems like a nice setup and easy to setup. Saves a lot on rent. Interior photos attached
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    7mm vs .300 wm

    I shoot a Rem 700 CDL in a 7mm RM, those recoil pads reduce the kick by 50%. I never shot anything bigger than elk, but they mostly drop onsite. Maybe try handloading reduced rounds for the 300 WM. Good luck
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    Turkeys - lets see em

    My boy’s Montana turkey. He came in after 15 minutes of calling and one gobble. Shot him midday, and was great eating.
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    camp pics

    This will be my home until mid September, moving further north and west into Montana in the fall.
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    Montana Draw results

    I think the intention of this method is giving everyone a chance at drawing, not having all the tags go to the highest point holders. Do you know if this applies to Limited Entry tags or just NR general tags? I hope you can pickup a leftover
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    NIB Rem 700 mountain ss for sale

    Nick, we got the Browning BPS, and it looks and shoots great. Thanks for everything. If I had any spare money I would be all over this 700 and I may still buy it. Preston
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    Study: Elk generally unconcerned about wolves

    JlS, my comment wasn’t directed at you. Basically there are a bunch of opinionated bitches on here that know more than everyone else, and/or the commoners are not as informed as the select few. And we need to come to their level of reasoning. There have been about 20 threads this winter with the...
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    Study: Elk generally unconcerned about wolves

    From my experience like Brian in Montana (only 6 years as a resident and hunting as a NR since 2001)the elk are impacted by wolves in Pioneers, northern Pintlers, and the Flathead valley. Mostly staying within timbered areas in smaller groups. Or large private ranch land in the valleys. Combine...