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    My better half

    Looks like you got a keeper to me. From a guy who's been married 39 years - be as thoughtful when it is her turn to receive.:)
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    CWD Whitetail Confirmed in Libby

    You would think so. It is going to take a significant amount of research dollars and time to work it out. Then what do you do? There is a whole lot of ground to cover.
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    Waiting on Washington

    She may be a bit of a good luck charm!
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    Waiting on Washington

    I am considering WY also, been looking at the regs really hard. I have hunted MT and enjoyed it a lot. Did ID last year and really liked that hunt. Trying a completely new area of the state this year. I am really hooked on discovering these new lands and the adventures and challenges they bring.
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    Waiting on Washington

    It is good to have a alternative plan if you live in WA. Mine alternative this year is Idaho.
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    back half of october calling ?

    Nice, no luck for me again. Glad i got another hunt going this year in Idaho.
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    Waiting on Washington

    I have hit it twice in as many years as the current system has been in place. Minimum points in any of the hunts i have drawn is 15.
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    Waiting on Washington

    Nada for me also, 19 points isn't quite enough yet, damnit.
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    Waiting on Washington

    Anyone else out there waiting on Washington permits? Friday the 14th is the day, and I'm feeling lucky this year, 18 points in the Bull elk category. If successful i will be hunting bulls just North of Mount Rainier Nation Park.
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    Just a guy who lives in the wrong state

    Welcome aboard from a fellow "wetsider"! This is a good place to be.
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    Ground blind tips

    Me too, hard to be very mobile with the tent. But then i am pretty sure a lack of willing to sit still has cost me some animals.
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    The downside of a driven bird dog

    Mine got to foaming kinda like that after he got into a box of wheat thins. Reduced fat ones to boot:)
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    2019 Deer hunt

    Welcome aboard. I was in the same position at one time. Spend a lot of time on IDFG website it has a lot of good planning information. Then once you think you have a general area in mind contact the area big game biologist. The individuals I have dealt with were quite helpful.
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    Archery OTC Dilemma

    I have done these solo out of state trip several times when my sons work and family life does not allow him to go, for both deer and elk. Some trip successful, some not. But I do take a lot of pride in, and really get off on getting it done solo.
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    The downside of a driven bird dog

    Impressive! Lots of bleach so Impressive! Lot's a bleach solution needed here.
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    Hunting is causing lion attacks on humans

    Yep, thats a fact.
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    Hunting is causing lion attacks on humans

    Wow, this article jumps to some pretty lofty conclusions, with absolutely no scientific data to back it up. "Adult Lions never attack adults" REALLY! This gal is in outer space, and must not be informed at all or even look at news reports. A adult male human was killed in Washington state...
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    Behind the decision to allow chain saws in Southwest Colorado wilderness areas

    For one six week period, the work seems justified to me. Providing access to the wilderness is a good thing.
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    Washington Mule Deer Scouting

    Nice pics, counting down the days to the permit draw here in WA, two weeks to go!
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    My parents are becoming the Doolittle’s

    I love this time of year, new life is springing up everywhere! Mama didn't want the little one too close though. Pacific Blacktails. Great thread!