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  1. elkduds

    Behind the decision to allow chain saws in Southwest Colorado wilderness areas

    The mtn bike community has far fewer resources w which to attack and enlarge any legal exception to established law and policy, compared to industrial and development corporations. Give hardhats an inch of wilderness law, they'll try for a mine or oil/gas patch. Again. So a tiny exception to...
  2. elkduds

    Nallo 2 or Soulo

    So which is the better tent for my truck?
  3. elkduds

    What is “green decoy”

    When I say "green decoy", you say "fake news." Secret code for "I don't understand or consider complicated facts and circumstances, so I just agree w whoever my friends support, and disparage everyone else."
  4. elkduds

    Crazy Mountains Public Access & FS Management Lawsuit Filed Today

    Contribution sent to support efforts to preserve and restore public access to public lands in MT's epic Crazy Mountains.
  5. elkduds

    RMNP hiking

    Emerald Lake trail has been my favorite for decades. Sadly (for me) it is now the most popular trail in the park. A little over 3 miles, along creek past 3 lakes into an incredible cirque. Not steep. Possibly less crowded on weekdays.
  6. elkduds

    What is the ultimate outdoor job?

    I really treasure the winters I spent teaching skiing, and the summers building trails in CO's Black Canyon. Autumns off, like Big Fin wrote. There's no head like trailhead.
  7. elkduds

    Our town finally got DQ smart!

    2 words: dilly bar🍭
  8. elkduds

    rifle for elk?

    Doubletap ammo loads 160 gr Nosler Partitions and 180 gr Woodleigh Weldcore in 270win. I have found the 160 to be good elk medicine, if you are looking to shoot heavy-for-caliber bullets for elk.
  9. elkduds

    PRO TIP #217

    #13. When sleeping in your vehicle in the middle of elk habitat, don't arm the car alarm.
  10. elkduds

    Remembering Friday

    And his all time favorite, for my old man.
  11. elkduds

    Painting backpacks

    Find a cheap pack cover, use it when hunting. Agree that blue is like neon to ungulates.
  12. elkduds

    Opinion on a new pup

    I took a rescued Vizsla who was always birdy along on a KS hunt, there he met 2 well-trained GSPs. He watched them and learned to listen to his own instincts. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Good boy, Fred.
  13. elkduds

    The End of "Analysis Paralysis"?

    While I hope you are correct, we will never know as long as the few remaining government-employed professionals are prohibited by the WH from planning, accurately measuring or even uttering any results that disagree w White House disinformation in every category. Environmental science is near...
  14. elkduds

    The End of "Analysis Paralysis"?

    BHR, I agree w half of what you said. Trump is actively seeking to end analysis w his public land policy. Witness sage grouse plan, Bears Ears, drilling regs, oversight and leases, air quality deregulation, water quality deregulation...
  15. elkduds

    back half of october calling ?

    In the rain?
  16. elkduds

    Used 25-06 help

    1. I have had wonderful success w an Interarms Mark X I grabbed from a pawn shop for a couple C notes. It weighs 8# w factory wood stock. Mine is 7rm, I think any '06 class cartridge would be the same weight. Nice mauser 98 commercial action. Mine got a Timney trigger, the factory one can be...
  17. elkduds

    Crazy Mountains Public Access & FS Management Lawsuit Filed Today

    That is welcome news. Nothing political happens in a vacuum. I trust the judgment of you and your allies RE what matters and what does not, in gaining access to our public land in the Crazies. I will be contributing again to these legal costs when you post the link.
  18. elkduds

    The downside of a driven bird dog

    Brilliant synthesis of edgy film reference, bodily secretion wink, and TMI grossout. Masterful, sir. Nobody does it better.
  19. elkduds

    Takedown Gun

    In .223, the Keltec SU 16 is handy because it folds in half. Rub it a little or blow in its ear, voila!