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  1. Bigjav

    July 2019 ammo restrictions

    We’re in a dead heat for last place🤢
  2. Bigjav

    Issue with floating the sight pin and release timing

    Sounds like you’re getting ready to develop target panic, try blind bale shooting and if that doesn’t work maybe try a back tension release
  3. Bigjav

    July 2019 ammo restrictions

    From what I understand if you’ve purchased a gun within the last 5 yrs you will be able to buy ammo for it with only a $1-$5 background check, if you’re buying ammunition for a gun you haven’t purchased in the last 5 years then it’s a $19-$25 background check.....either way 🤬 this state
  4. Bigjav

    CDS on older gold ring

    I asked the same question earlier this year about adding a CDs to a Vx3i and got this response from them “If your scope doesn't have the CDS (Custom Dial System) elevation adjustment installed, it would have to come in to our factory to be retrofitted with such an elevation adjustment at a cost...
  5. Bigjav

    Down To The Wire In California

    I did apply for grizzly island and still didn’t get drawn. I don’t know if they cut tags this year or more people applying for that particular period this year because they thought it was guaranteed... oh well maybe I’ll draw a tag in 25-30yrs once the max point pool clears out
  6. Bigjav

    Down To The Wire In California

    15 resident preference points and still couldn’t draw a cow elk... maybe next year
  7. Bigjav

    2019 Deer hunt

    Start by looking on google earth and finding which unit has more of what you’re looking for. I suggest downloading the .kml unit maps for google earth from top rut.
  8. Bigjav

    CO 68/681 Deer

    Both those units have decent numbers of deer....elk not quite so much
  9. Bigjav

    Howa HS Precision Vs Rem Sendero

    The sendero in a 7Mag is a very good rifle, on the heavy side, but a good rifle. Remington isn’t what it once was but their higher end models like the sendero are still top notch
  10. Bigjav

    Hunting is causing lion attacks on humans

    There was an attack over Memorial Day just outside of San Diego, wardens killed the cat which and had dna evidence that it was the culprit
  11. Bigjav

    This is why we can't have nice things

    It’s a damn shame😔
  12. Bigjav


    Injection arrows are great for slicing through the wind and pack a helluva punch. However the last time I used them I ended going back to standard FMJs because there wasn’t a whole lot of broadheads available for the the deep six.
  13. Bigjav

    Release type vs draw length

    Any reason you’re considering switching from the wrist style release?
  14. Bigjav

    Favorite Trail Cams Under $100

    That’s a good camera and the battery life is surprisingly long. Every once in a while you can catch them on sale for a good price, I’m also a fan of the bushnell
  15. Bigjav

    Scope rings - xbolt -leupold vx5

    Awesome combination!
  16. Bigjav

    Accubond to E-tips?

    Unless you’re forced to switch to lead free I would stick with accubonds
  17. Bigjav

    Stick with the old or go new?

    Upgrading a compound bow about 10yrs old you aren’t to notice much of a difference, anything older than that you will definitely notice it
  18. Bigjav

    AZ 2019 Fall Draw Now Open

    When does it close?
  19. Bigjav

    Scope mount recommendation

    I’d say go with a Talley or DNZ products make a one piece mount, Leupold started making one piece mounts recently but I haven’t tried one
  20. Bigjav

    What sight - has been figured out

    I have both a black gold slider as well as a spothogg hog father on my bows, hard to go wrong with either one. The flexibility to add pins to the black gold is pretty cool too