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    .270 Powders

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    trade it away Thursday...reloading edition

    6.5 Nosler RDF 140g- 50 ct 6.5 berger140g vld target- 17 ct 6.5 hornady 140 spire point- 100 ct 6.5 Speer 140 Spitzer -97 ct 6.5 Barnes match burner 140g BT Match- 53 ct All are Moly coated, straight moly no wax. Will trade for 6.5 nosler ABLR 142g. first or seconds for the RDF, VLD, or match...
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    Schnee's boots

    Montana pitch blend works greak.......if they are dirty, first clean with KG cleaner and fiebings saddle soap, then Montana pitch blend
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    Schnee's boots

    Ran timberlines (1 STIFFNESS) for a season, awesome built boots, just didnt work for me, first time in a mountain boot and ended up being too stiff for me.... they gave me a full refund and i picked up their outlook evos. Breaking them in now, once again amazing build......... just keep in mind...
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    rifle for elk?

    130 or 150g partitions, whichever your rifle shoots best
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    Wyoming unit 23

    Goats will be picked through and pressured. Rut activity will be slowing down by mid month....But you will miss the ZOO of opening weekend and first 2 weeks. Hunter numbers will be lower... If you really want to have fun come down mid-late september for archery, when rut is in full swing and...
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    Wyoming unit 23

    23 is a good unit with good road access to great foot access. ...
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    Wyoming unit 23

    All public land 1. 10-11' -ish. Area 16 2. 12-13' -ish. Area 23 3. High 16'- 78 something. Area 19 4. 16'- 72 something area 23
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    Wyoming unit 23

    Then you wont be dissapointed...start reviewing pictures on lie and research how to judge, it can be difficult... front view, side view, lots to look at
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    rifle for elk?

    Your .270 is perfect, no need for anything bigger especially if you dont like recoil... If you want to spend money, upgrade your glass.....
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    Wyoming unit 23

    Whats your definition of trophy? 16in bucks can be had if you are willing to hike....public access is good if you can hike...bottom line, break in your boots and start humping
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    2019 Wyoming Resident Draw

    So late this year....BS
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    SCHNEE'S - Bozeman

    Same.. bought some timberlines, Broke them in and we're them on multiple Hikes and hunts. Was experiencing major foot pain after about 4 and a 1/2 miles. With a good year of Use and 75 miles on them they sent me a shipping label and I returned them. They gave me full store credit.
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    Long action. Classic running MRP (similar burn to R22) in mine and pushing 142 ABLR at 2929fps
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    Howa 7mm-08 Disapointment

    They do. Legacy sports
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    Opinions on places to move out west?

    Depends what you do or want to do for work....Buffalo Wy 1st pick, followed by Sheridan Wy if you need more options and higher pay.
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    Bullet for moose...VLD?

    For me that would be a " once in a lifetime" type hunt.... no way am i trusting my hunt and a shot to a moose on a bullet like that. A a big animal like that i want penetration........Aframe, partition or a copper/guilding metal would be what i take.
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    NOSLER wants to see your success

    Huge fan of nosler!. Partitions, AB and ABLR. 60g partitions in my sons .223. 95g partitions in my wifes .243. 140g partitions, 140g AB and 142g ABLR in my 6.5x55. 130g partitions in my .270. 165g partitions in my .308..... Only gun i dont load them in is my elk rifle, 300 RUM, which i handload...
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    NOSLER wants to see your success

    6.5x55 handloaded 140g ABLR. 140yd broadside downhill. 30 yard hobble and done. Bullet found under hide opposite shoulder. Recovered bullet