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    Spypoint (Force 10's all dying prematurely)

    Browning cameras are the best deal for the money out there today in my opinion. I started using them about 4 years ago and out of 9 or 10, I've had an issue with 1 of them. I've heard of tons of issues with Spypoint, Cuddeback, Wildgame Innovations (those are the ones I've had issues with...
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    The draws were good to me this year

    Congrats Granby Guy. You were one of the 1st guys to help me when I 1st got into western hunting and I was full of questions. May you take the bull of your dreams! (or 2)
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    SD NR Deer Apps

    June 14th for West River deer and Black Hills deer. I'm not sure about the deadlines for the rest of the deer hunt categories or which other ones NR are eligible for.
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    First lite outer layer to block wind over Unpronounceable Jacket

    I agree with 7mm, it blocks the wind quite well on it's own. I've used it hunting mulies and lopes in WY and NE the last 3 years. It is super light and packable but not as warm as I expected for a puffy.
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    Colorado tag return..

    What does reversing do? Can you explain please?
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    Help! Hog trap with cam and remote gate

    I don't know why it posted it twice. It looks like I'm running a piggy daycare! I got the trap up today, I'm going to give them a few days to get used to it, then it's go time.
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    Overcoming Jelly Legs--Mentoring Boys in the Outdoors

    Tell him Congrats from all of us at HT!
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    Help! Hog trap with cam and remote gate

    I plan to post something up when I trap them. I know you're right and a huge majority are ok but that one I cleaned really grossed me out. I know it's all in my head but I don't know if I could eat one after that. I hope they are get cleaned and used but I'm doubtful they will be.
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    Help! Hog trap with cam and remote gate

    I helped clean one before and it had worms in the meat. There were literal holes in the muscle tissue. The guy I was helping said he'd never seen it before, but it was too much for me to get over I guess. Most guys will process or give away the shoats but leave the nursing sows and boars to be...
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    Help! Hog trap with cam and remote gate

    Thanks wytex, I figured there would be some guys that know their stuff on there, Texas has had em for a long time. When you say the you tried the ones with one way doors were they the kind where the panel acts as a door or saloon doors?
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    Help! Hog trap with cam and remote gate

    It's mostly farmers who use him. A big sounder can do way more damage in one night than his total fee so I can see why he's busy. It's just too steep for me and honestly I know they aren't going anywhere so I figure if I buy one it's a tool I can use over and over again. Buy once, cry once. I...
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    Help! Hog trap with cam and remote gate

    The parcels are so small here you might kill a couple by dog hunting but then they'd just be somebody else's problem for a while. I have friends/co-workers who have been dealing with them for 10 plus years and dogs hunting is fun but it isn't going to put a dent in the population like taking out...
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    Help! Hog trap with cam and remote gate

    It is some fancy set up with panels that go together just like cattle panels (but has hog panels welded in) and 2 gates on opposite sides. 2 cameras to watch both gates and a remote trigger. it is the best set up I've seen. If you use it right and you're patient it will get the whole sounder. He...
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    Help! Hog trap with cam and remote gate

    I just saw a video yesterday of one of these traps after someone else suggested them. I think they would work but I've got some boars that come in as singles and will be hard to trap. I've got 2 groups now that are coming through. a group of 14 with 6 adults/sub adults and 8 2 month old pigs and...
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    Help! Hog trap with cam and remote gate

    Thanks man, I'll check it out.
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    Help! Hog trap with cam and remote gate

    In the last couple of years my land has been getting more and more wild hogs on it. I shoot a few and they leave but they always return and I know I'm not putting a real dent in the population by just shooting a few every year. Since deer season closed I get pics of between 10-30 on my land...
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    Nevada draw

    CO is the best value for deer, so you're doing right by applying there. WY is cheap if you're only going for deer. Are you going to apply exclusively for deer in the other states or will you include elk, antelope, sheep, etc.? That info would help people give you better advice. If your just...
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    Nevada draw

    $156 for the license; $11 per species for just a BP (elk might be $16); $14 per species to apply (except elk is $19) That includes the surcharges, predator fees, etc. Don't waste your money on silver state or PIW tags, the odds are awful at best. As long as you don't try for the late hunts...
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    First time applicant

    Well that's interesting...better give them a call in the morning.