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  1. DBear

    Elite Pure with Spott Hogg Site

    Elite pure with Spott Hogg hunter 5 pin and whisker biscuit. 70lb. 28.5DL. Will include30.5 mods for an extra 15 bucks. $425 TYD. I have not shot it much. Took it on one elk hunt and one whitetail hunt. Great bow. Extremely smooth.
  2. DBear

    New Hunting Partner

    It is 1:30 in the morning on the East Coast and I typically would be in my fart sack deep in the Colorado Wilderness at this time in September. Instead, I am pulling third shift with my new hunting partner and couldn't be happier. In this picture, I believe him to be daydreaming of a backpack, a...
  3. DBear

    The view from 14,421 feet

    With a new baby on the way during Colorado Elk Season I decided to do a summer trip scouting new land. Did 30 miles and 9000 vertical in 5 days with an end on Mt Harvard. Not bad for an east coast flat lander. Awesome trip! Even tried out some pack llamas for part of the trip
  4. DBear

    Anyone ever Elk Hunt in Kentucky?

    I'm not going to be able to go to colorado this year with a little one on the way; however, as luck would have it, I drew an archery cow tag for Kentucky which is only 4 hours away so it looks like I can break free to have a shot to fill the freezer. Anyone have thoughts or experiences, I would...
  5. DBear

    CO Elk Sampler Down

    I headed out to the Grand Mesa the week before smoke pole this year to go after the ol' Wapiti with my bow. This was my fourth trip to the same area. I have been close, at full draw; however, I had never let an arrow fly. With the big 4-0 approaching I take this hunt each year as a kick in...
  6. DBear

    Schnee's Customer Service

    I have been blown away by Schnee's customer service. They truly stand by their products! I had a pair of their Sheephunter's made by LOWA. The soles started to separate after two elk hunts and a whitetail season. I sent them back and they sent me a new pair of Granite's made by them without...
  7. DBear

    The Best Way to Train for Elk Hunt!

    Bring along your best friend......she likes to take all of the credit for the work and then take a break.....but I'm OK with that.....
  8. DBear

    You test for CWD?

    Interested in hearing how many hunters get their elk tested for CWD? It looks like the total numbers tested each year in Colorado has been going down which could skew the results for how prevalent it is. If I am fortunate enough to tag out, I think I will get it tested. However, I am...
  9. DBear

    CO bow hunt in jeopardy!!!

    My good hunting buddy and I are planning on an OYOA Elk bow hunt to Grand Mesa, CO for the third time in 4 years from September 15th thru the 21st. We have both been training all summer for the trip as we know what kind of shape it takes to put everything on your back and make it happen. We...
  10. DBear

    Montana Elk Decoy

    What is everyone's experience with Montana Elk Decoy's. Are they worth the weight to put in your pack for a deep OYO hunt in Colorado bow hunting during archery only?
  11. DBear

    Eberlestock X2 Pack

    Mossy Oak Break-Up X2. Bought new 8 months ago and used for approximately 7 days this past whitetail season. No blood unfortunately. Pack was awesome for hiking in my summit treestand 2 miles and 1500 vertical feet each way. Like new except for some miner pulls in the fabric where my side...