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  1. idfishnhunt

    Best pack for the money???

    I've had MR, EXO, and BC packs. Been looking at the Stone Glacier lately for something to add for multi-day back country hunts. It is pretty tough to pick one when you can't get your hands on it first, that sucks...especially with dropping the amount of coin you need. For sure get one that...
  2. idfishnhunt

    Can we learn to live with wolves again?

    Last weeks Meateater podcast covers some good stuff as he talks to a wolf biologist. There is a lot of explanation in there about why things were done they way they some good history. It's worth a listen.
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    Awesome...those will be mighty tasty!
  4. idfishnhunt

    Optics recommendations vortex or ziess

    Pump up the binos, and a tripod and that will save you some weight. Easier on the eye strain, and easier to spot animals, also less shaking. Spotting scopes have their advantages...but hauling one around all the time while hunting isn't fun.
  5. idfishnhunt

    Successful Walleye Trip!

    How was it?
  6. idfishnhunt

    WY Antelope Buck+Doe Tags Application Question

    I haven't hunted Wyoming yet for Antelope, I've just been buying points...and haven't applied yet. I have 7-points right now. My question is this, if I apply for a buck tag and I assume you can add doe tags to it, or additional people with doe only you have a 100% chance of drawing...
  7. idfishnhunt

    Spring time in North Idaho

    Very cool, congrats! I bet she's a happy camper!
  8. idfishnhunt

    Successful Walleye Trip!

    Thanks for the share, more walleye meat is good in my book.
  9. idfishnhunt

    Successful Walleye Trip!

    They are good eating for sure.
  10. idfishnhunt

    Idaho Unit 18/14 Spring Bear (Turkey?)

    You only have to be 200 yards from a road or water source...creeks, rivers. Believe me...bears are plenty close to civilization, you don't need to hike miles back to get one.
  11. idfishnhunt

    Successful Walleye Trip!

    Pretty sure these would make @JoseCuervo happy you can see my arms are bent and not going for a trophy picture, those things are that big.
  12. idfishnhunt

    Idaho Unit 18/14 Spring Bear (Turkey?)

    You don't need to come that far into the state to hit bears, and still be out of Grizzly country...if your looking to shorten your trip up a little bit.
  13. idfishnhunt

    Idaho Unit 18/14 Spring Bear (Turkey?)

    Are you coming from north Idaho or south Idaho to hunt?
  14. idfishnhunt

    Successful Walleye Trip!

    You mean similar in taste? Probably a perch.
  15. idfishnhunt

    Successful Walleye Trip!

    I posted the YouTube recipe a few posts up.
  16. idfishnhunt

    Successful Walleye Trip!

    Didn't get the chance to measure them unfortunately.
  17. idfishnhunt

    Successful Walleye Trip!

    Thanks guys. Here is the recipie. I believe we used Panko crumbs for the breading. Click on the link below. Parmesan Crusted Walleye Recipe
  18. idfishnhunt

    Successful Walleye Trip!

    Went out walleye fishing a week ago and caught some monsters. First big one was 14.84 lbs, and the second one was 14.34 lbs. I let these both go to spawn. We kept some males for dinner. Thanks to Duck_Slayer for asking me along.
  19. idfishnhunt

    2018-19 Waterfowl Season

    Three more great hunts to finish off the 2018-19 season. It started slow, but we finished strong.
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    Good times for sure! If only I would have gotten that wood duck drake too!