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  1. Touchdown88

    Vortex Diamondback vs. Viper

    The Viper has more clarity at low light and seems to have a different coating that makes everything seem brighter.
  2. Touchdown88

    Vortex Diamondback vs. Viper

    I sold my Diamondbacks for vipers and would never go back. They are well worth the extra money.
  3. Touchdown88

    Prayers for Topgun

    Sending prayers his way.
  4. Touchdown88

    2019 Goals: What are you shooting for?

    I'd like to shoot a mule deer that is worth putting on the wall. I passed three 20" 4x4's last year and I'm hoping one of them makes it through the winter.
  5. Touchdown88

    Salt Lake City - Skiing Info

    Of you're mil/vet check out the epic pass from park city mountain resort. It's super cheap and let's you ride any of the Vail resorts for super cheap.
  6. Touchdown88

    Salt Lake City - Skiing Info

    Snowbasin and Powder Mountain are the popular places north is SLC.
  7. Touchdown88

    New Hunting Pack

    I've used the Kuiu Icon Pro the last couple of year. I've used I to haul out two mule deer by myself. Petty happy with it.
  8. Touchdown88

    20 Gauge recommendations

    I use a CZ Bobwite SXS exclusively. It handles like a dream and hammers had its 3" shels.
  9. Touchdown88

    Utah Bighorn Sheep Herd Dying

    There is an island directly north of Antelope Island where exotic hunts were conducted a number of years ago. I don't know if they are still conducted there but I know that sheep was one of the species they hunted. I believe there was actually a report of a mouflon sheep found on the causeway...
  10. Touchdown88

    Utah Bighorn Sheep Herd Dying

    Sad to hear. I live right by the Island and was hoping to hunt sheep there one day.
  11. Touchdown88

    Vanguard Wilderness or a DIY Howa Alpine

    Had a buddy of mine buy a Vanguard Wilderness in 300 Wby this year. It is a lot of gun for the money. Fluted barrel and a Bell and Carlson stock. I'm a big fan of high comb monte carlo stock because they keep your eyes lined up with a scope better than a straight comb. I also like having the...
  12. Touchdown88


    Utah has laws against them while hunting as well.
  13. Touchdown88

    New hunting pack

    I've used an Icon Pro 7200 for the last 4 years. Hauled out 2 deer and like it. If I was going to haul a lot, i would look at the Metcalf.
  14. Touchdown88

    UT State Trust Lands selling 28,000 acres of prime hunting land

    Hopefully we can keep it public.
  15. Touchdown88

    Idaho Muley Unit 76/66A Rifle

    I hunted there this year and only saw a few small bucks. The winter kill from a couple of years ago is still being felt in this area. Hopefully it comes back in the next couple of years.
  16. Touchdown88

    Idaho Nonresident DIY OTC General Deer hunting

    Hunted the SE corner of Idaho this year and didn't see too many deer. The winter kill of 2016-2017 is still being felt on he SE corner of the state.
  17. Touchdown88

    Any Weatherby fans here?

    I have a Vanguard 300 Wby that I've taken mule deer, white tail, moose, elk, and antelope with. I struggle to pull anything else from the safe if I'm going on a hunt.
  18. Touchdown88

    Fresh Tracks now live on Amazon Prime

    My wife detests most hunting shows but loves the Randy Newburg series. When I started watching the episodes she said, "Randy's not that good of a hunter is he? It seems like he never kills anything!" That's when I had to explain that Randy does all the hunting on public land with no guide, no...
  19. Touchdown88

    Don't hate me because I'm from N. Utah!

    I like to hunt all big game. I've been fortunate enough to hunt elk, moose, deer, antelope, and caribou. I would love to do a big horn hunt but I need to get lucky in a draw. Thanks for the welcome.
  20. Touchdown88

    Cape care mistake?

    You can take it to a taxidermist but I don't think the cape would still be good. The problem with leaving the cape in the fridge is that the ears will dry out. When the taxidermist goes to turn the ears, they will be too dry to turn,