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  1. mhkowalski

    NM Public/Private State Lands Encounter Last Weekend - What Would You Do?

    A drawn antelope archery tag allows you to hunt on public land in the drawn unit.
  2. mhkowalski

    NM 2017 Draw Odds Posted
  3. mhkowalski

    Wyoming bison

    Ralph will do a great job for you. He took me in Dec 2014. As advised above, be ready for the cold. PM me and I'll send you some pix.
  4. mhkowalski

    I Got Lucky! (Oryx on Stallion Range)

    Check your email.
  5. mhkowalski

    Remote Cooler Temp Monitoring

    I have these exact thermometers. They have alarms. Use them in my two freezers where I store my game meat year round. Cheap insurance as long as you are able to hear the alarm. Range is at least 15 ft with the freezers in separate rooms. Should work well for the application you are...
  6. mhkowalski

    Wyoming Total Preference Point Holders

    I found these in my archives
  7. mhkowalski

    New Mexico Oryx 2017

    Took this guy on the Stallion Range Friday. 36"+ each side. Almost 8" bases. Pretty much my best critter ever. 338 Win Mag 157 yards one shot. Lucky to have my 78 year father and great hunting buddy with me...Draw odds are tough even for New Mexico Residents, but a very fun and unique hunt...
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    My NV elk

    That's great. We need to catch up.
  9. mhkowalski

    What's your average Rifle shot range on an Elk?

    7 elk since 2007; avg = 150 yds.
  10. mhkowalski

    HS Precision PHL in .300 WSM

    I have had this same dilemma, ironically considering replacing my Kimber 300WSM Classic, that shoots 1" groups with hand loaded 168gr Barnes TTSX. In the end I concluded that I am a hunter not a shooter, and that gun will serve me well in the vast, vast majority of hunting situations.
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    I'm puzzled, any thoughts?

  12. mhkowalski

    Utah CC hits

    One. Paunsaugunt Management Rifle
  13. mhkowalski

    Utah CC hits

    I can confirm a Non-Res Deer CC hit.
  14. mhkowalski

    Request info - GMU 59/Shaw Ranch

    Sent you a PM
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    T/C Venture opinions

    I bought a .338 win a few years ago, first 6 shots, 2 different bullets, all fit inside a quarter. I like the fact that it has a clip and decent recoil pad. I'm more of a hunter than shooter, so it is a perfect hunting gun for me.
  16. mhkowalski

    My 2015 Colorado Moose

    I really stepped in it with an unbelievable tag and harvest for a Bull Moose in Colorado this year. This tag took me 7 years to draw. I totally beat the odds. Every time I talked to others that have applied for the tag, they were still tag less after 15+ years. My friend Ken from Albuquerque...
  17. mhkowalski

    Randy, due to a family death and other illnesses (not mine), my Father and I will not use the 2...

    Randy, due to a family death and other illnesses (not mine), my Father and I will not use the 2 non-res antelope tags in Montana Unit 215 this year. I would love to donate to a worthy hunter or organization. Is that possible in MT? Mark Kowalski 505-270-7443
  18. mhkowalski

    2015 CO moose

    The Karma continues...Got this big boy late Friday. Bordering Booner, but who cares!
  19. mhkowalski

    2015 CO moose

    Anyone know an outfit that would help me with a moose retrieval in 18 or 181? Was lucky last time getting one 400 yds from the road so the pack-out was simple. That was a cow.