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  1. DBear

    Llama Packing

    I've done a trial backpack trip with 2 of them up to 12000 feet. It is a good way to go. Overall low maintenance. They jumped in the back of the truck and we rolled to the trailhead. I would use them again for sure. They like to be together so you need more than 1. They talk a lot. Kind of...
  2. DBear

    WTS/WTT Stone Glacier Terminus Bag/Lid only

    Do you still have this?
  3. DBear

    Elite Pure with Spott Hogg Site

    Elite pure with Spott Hogg hunter 5 pin and whisker biscuit. 70lb. 28.5DL. Will include30.5 mods for an extra 15 bucks. $425 TYD. I have not shot it much. Took it on one elk hunt and one whitetail hunt. Great bow. Extremely smooth.
  4. DBear

    Eastern Hunter - Travel Question

    I've done both from the Charlotte area and I will HANDS DOWN fly every time until I retire. I show up fresher to hunt and get back fresher for my family. I save the last day or 2 to scout new areas since killing an animal on the last day wouldn't work for the flight. I go in archery season so...
  5. DBear

    My Daughter's Herd.

    My in laws live in south Charlotte. She had to put deer fences up as they were mowing down everything in sight. They are everywhere. About 8 year ago there was a huge 10 pointer that lived on the unc Charlotte campus. I used to see him riding my mtn bike.
  6. DBear

    Terrible couple days...

    Sounds like a fun couple of days!
  7. DBear

    BUSY weekend!

    Well done Dad!
  8. DBear

    Braden's First Buck- Best Hunt To Date

  9. DBear

    "A Veteran's Antelope"

    Well done on ALL accounts!
  10. DBear

    Hunt of a lifetime

    Fantastic! Congrats!
  11. DBear

    Changing Colors.............

    Nice one!
  12. DBear

    2015 Colorado best trip/hunt of my life!!

    What a hunt!
  13. DBear

    It Happens

    Awesome Hunt and Story!!!!!
  14. DBear

    More than expected

    wow! awesome the family was with you!
  15. DBear

    It Happens

    this is awesome!
  16. DBear

    New Hunting Partner

    It is 1:30 in the morning on the East Coast and I typically would be in my fart sack deep in the Colorado Wilderness at this time in September. Instead, I am pulling third shift with my new hunting partner and couldn't be happier. In this picture, I believe him to be daydreaming of a backpack, a...
  17. DBear

    Call your Dad and tell him you love him.

    Best wishes sent to your Dad and family!
  18. DBear

    The view from 14,421 feet

    As it turns out, I will be elk hunting as I drew a Kentucky tag but that is going to be another story. As far as a Hoosier living in NC, the debate is always NC vs Indiana, which is the better BBall ends with me saying my High School Gym seated 8996 and would sell out....