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    How Cold Is Colorado In the Beginning of May?

    Might do a three day weekend trip to Colorado for scouting and shed hunting in unit 18. I was planning on packing in with a small tent and sleeping in the woods unless some people tell me its to cold at that time...? Or.... roads are not clear yet?
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    Deer brats

    Hey Folks I made a batch of deer brats, snack sticks, summer sausage, and breakfast sausage so far from last years kill. Summer sausage and snack sticks are superb, deer brats are okay, and have yet to dig in on the breakfast sausage. Everything was mixed with 20% pork butt with 10% high temp...
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    Spring bear Montana

    I'm looking for anyone to tag along. I'm located in central IL and would like to go on a spring bear hunt in Montana. I could care less if you jumped in the truck with me from home and hauled it out there or I met you there. I am open or any week in the spring bear hunt. Thanks. That kinda...
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    Bison point build up?

    I watched Randy's Bison hunt and it sparked my interest for a future hunt. Here are some questions if anyone can help out. 1. Any other states that have free range bison other than Utah, Montana, and Wyoming? 2. If I'm 27 is it worth starting to build up for bison points? If so what places...
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    Hunting is Healing

    I thought it would be cool to hear some other peoples stories on this subject. So I'll start off with two and hand the mic off. It was 2015 when my father was on a rifle hunt for elk near Craig Colorado. He was hunting with his brother riding a 4 wheeler on a trail and he said he was only...
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    Montana Spring Bear

    So fellas, I have a good problem of having 5 weeks vacation starting 2019. With my wife being a teacher she will not likely ever go on an elk hunt with me, but can do a spring bear hunt in Montana. She will be out of school May 30th and wants to go hunting in the mountains (she is pushing the...
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    Midwest New Guy

    Hello fellow hunters, I'm from Northern WI, living in Central IL life long whitetail hunter looking for a Western hunt for the 2019 season. I'm technologically behind for my generation and am not sure if I should be asking for info here or post a thread elsewhere. My brother and I would like to...