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  1. JDH

    Iguana (Chicken of the trees) - Anyone ever try this?

    I bet they would be a handful on the end of a gig if they started whipping their tail around.
  2. JDH

    Behind the decision to allow chain saws in Southwest Colorado wilderness areas

    I agree. A few weeks ago I drove through the only wilderness area around my neck of the woods and the two parking areas had more vehicles in them then the 30 other pull offs that I drove by.
  3. JDH

    Locked down with a doe is BS!?

    That's good info to know. Earlier this spring I cut one bush down. Looks like I will going out and pulling the roots soon.
  4. JDH

    Iguana (Chicken of the trees) - Anyone ever try this?

    Freezing might be the best way to go about killing them...I have put a mess or two of frogs in the freezer to slow them down enough to clean them. I google an article I remember reading, doesn't look like much of a hunt in late winter...
  5. JDH

    Hi from Indiana

    There's quite a few of us here. I live between Martinsville and Indy.
  6. JDH

    Danner pronghorn or under armour bozeman speed freak 2.0?

    Mine were made in Vietnam.
  7. JDH

    Danner pronghorn or under armour bozeman speed freak 2.0?

    What he said. my first pair of Danners lasted for years but both boots in my second pair are coming apart after a couple years of use. I think I will upgrade my next pair.
  8. JDH

    Tennessee please

    The 10" minimum on crappie is definitely awesome. I lived down there for a couple of years so I kinda keep up with what's going on down there for a potential future move. Like others have said Nashville itself is crowded but there's plenty of space a little farther out.
  9. JDH

    Successful Walleye Trip!

    That's awesome. I'm hoping to get on a few in the next few weeks.
  10. JDH

    Worst wild game dish

    I grilled a couple of freshly killed snow goose breasts once. Didn't freeze, soak, marinade, or tenderize them. I have also had a couple of terrible catfish.
  11. JDH

    Unconventional Food Plot Ideas for Deer?

    This is what I plan to try this year.
  12. JDH

    Velvet care when hunting out of state

    I used a product called Stop Rot on a set of velvet antlers and have not had any issues. It was a roadkill buck so the antlers still developing and I was able to inject the material into the veins and push most of the blood out. I then brushed it on the antlers and let it air dry. I'm not...
  13. JDH

    Anybody gearing up for spring snow goose?

    Pic was taken late November just a couple of hours west of Columbus. If you want next year we can set up for Canada's and see what happens?
  14. JDH

    Indianapolis Pint Night

    This is first "joint" one we've had but previously you could expect 25-40 guys bs'ing about hunting and quite a few nice raffle prizes. Last time there were a couple of hunt2eat hats, some backcountry fuel meals, numerous onx memberships, food plot mixes, phelps elk calls, etc. The big prize...
  15. JDH

    Indianapolis Pint Night

    Join the Indiana Chapter of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers and the NWTF for a joint pint night on March 16, from 5-8 PM at Bier Brewing Co. Pint Night
  16. JDH

    Anybody gearing up for spring snow goose?

    Muddy and miserable...handful of birds...sounds like most duck/goose hunts I go on. :confused:
  17. JDH

    Hello from Central IN

    Welcome, also living in central IN
  18. JDH

    Helicopter BLM access

    There was a thread on here recently about this and someone made the comment that a since a lot of pilots work for the local ranchers they won't fly out of state guys in to these parcels, afraid they will make the locals mad.
  19. JDH

    NE Indiana Hunter