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  1. Greyman

    Trump administration announces major expansion of hunting and fishing access on federal lands

    Another story on this.
  2. Greyman

    Happy Fathers day

    Happy Father's Day to you as well Compadre.
  3. Greyman

    What is the ultimate outdoor job?

    When I first got out of the Navy, I worked (if you wanna call it work) for 2 years on a catamaran in St John taking out snorkelers and serving drinks on sunset cruises. Didn't pay squat but it was the ultimate outdoor job. Good memories!
  4. Greyman

    Borrow or buy or?

    If you buy a used rifle and take good care of it, you can likely sell it after the hunt for what you paid for it.
  5. Greyman

    Best 375 H & H Parent case cartridge

    My favorite is the 7mm Rem Mag. It does everything the 30-06 does, just a little better.
  6. Greyman

    NRA On The Hot Seat - Exposed or Attacked?

    This is an older article but it details why the NRA is no friend of hunters, particularly public land hunters. "Senator Mike Lee of Utah has stated that he wants to hand over all federal public lands over to the states—a...
  7. Greyman

    Best .30-06 parent case cartridge

    Cool. Let's steer off in that direction! What would be you good folks opinion on "the best" 308 parent case cartridge? BTW, of course it's a "tastes great....Less filling" type discussion . It's just for entertainment purposes. I enjoy hearing people's opinions on guns, ammo, archery...
  8. Greyman

    Annual trip to MN boundary waters

    One of my favorite places on earth. Went there twice through the Quetico. Canoed and portaged from Atikokan Ontario to Ely, MN with my three sons.
  9. Greyman

    A constitutional amendment aims to shore up funding for Texas’s system of state parks and historic sites.

    Texas Parks Are Broke. But Good News, Voters Can Rescue Them.
  10. Greyman

    Trad Guys! What Fletching Configuration Do You Use?

    I have tried 4 fletch but it bounces off the shelf more than 3. If your arrow is tuned right and your brace height is correct, you should get good flight with minimal fletching. Less fletching means a faster, quieter arrow.
  11. Greyman

    Howdy from TX!

  12. Greyman

    Are silencers effective for hunting?

    They are very effective in dropping multiple hogs, especially at night.
  13. Greyman

    Best .30-06 parent case cartridge

    The great 30-06 parent case debate. All around, NA big game. .270 vs .280 vs .30-06 vs .35 Whelen. What's the best?
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    I'll bet those are some big ole oysters!
  15. Greyman

    What aren’t low recoil cartridges more popular?

    Yes, unfortunately. I really like the idea of hunting with one rifle that I know like the back of my hand. Another advantage is less meat damage. I guess there's a small segment of the population that enjoys being kicked in the nuts by redheaded women. Not really my cup of tea and neither is...
  16. Greyman

    What aren’t low recoil cartridges more popular?

    I use reduced recoil rounds in my 7mag. I prefer The Hornady Custom Lite. The ballistics end up being identical to a 7mm-08. All I need for deer, hogs, and antelope. I reserve the full power rounds for nilgai and elk sized critters. Less recoil, less muzzle blast, doesn't burn out my barrel as...
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    Ok, a lazy woodpecker.
  18. Greyman

    Face Coverings ??

    I wear a facemask, but it's more due to me not being very easy on the eyes.
  19. Greyman


    If anyone is scared of Bigfoot, just carry a really good camera. They seem to repelled by quality photographic equipment.