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  1. coleslaw

    Eye Contact with Animals

    Yeah, ever been at a bar, restaurant or other gathering and out of the blue you could just sense that somebody is looking or staring at you? It's weird, but for sure it has to be a nature thing lol
  2. coleslaw

    What is the ultimate outdoor job?

    I was hoping to see somebody posting this. Grew up on a small farm in southwest Wisconsin. Wish I could do the same for my kids, but it's just so hard to make a living as a farmer now. And honestly, one of the funnest jobs for me is running equipment all day. Worked for a township highway...
  3. coleslaw

    Whats your 2019 plans

    South Dakota Black Hills or west river mule deer. Or OTC Idaho elk.
  4. coleslaw

    Off the shelf muzzleloader recommendations?

    Mostly the above-mentioned bullets, but now that I think about it, my best groups were with Hornady SST's, but using the yellow sabots from the T/C Shockwave bullets lol. They gave a tighter fit and grouped a little better. I also have had better luck with loose powder vs pellets. Weird, but I...
  5. coleslaw

    Off the shelf muzzleloader recommendations?

    I have an Accura V2 also. The break action is nice and it cuts down the overall length making it a bit more handy. Best I've done accuracy wise is just under 2" at 100 yds with shockwaves and xtps- which I guess is decent for any muzzleloader. The removable breech plug is very nice to have and...
  6. coleslaw

    Yellowstone wolf population is declining

    I'm guessing they are just expanding their range mostly. Larger packs kicking out the beta's and forcing them to follow other food sources. I was just in Yellowstone last October- no way are they going to run out of other critters to eat.
  7. coleslaw

    Meat Hunt(s)

    Yep. Farm country makes it easy :) Years ago when I was stationed in Missouri, I hunted Ft Leonard Wood almost exclusively and had to learn how to hunt without access to agricultural fields. Turned out to be some of the easiest and most fun type of hunting I've ever done. Not sure how it is...
  8. coleslaw

    Ammo manufacturers, does it matter?

    These companies all make some pretty good cartridges. Fiocchi, S&B and PPU are probably among the top as far as quality. But I have only ever used most of these for general plinking and for my surplus rifles that I don't reload for. Most of these are manufactured in Europe, so it's easier to...
  9. coleslaw

    Little Tuesday conversation

    Yep. Had a new truck before last elk season. After multiple hunting trips through Idaho and Wyoming, my truck was no longer new. The mountains are not a place for nice shiny things...
  10. coleslaw

    On the cheap?

    Also, I did my first antelope hunt in a tough access unit (16% public) and most of that was landlocked by private. Find the biggest chunks of public that are accessible and hike as far as you can go. Most people don't leave sight of their trucks. Not hard to have an area basically to yourself...
  11. coleslaw

    On the cheap?

    Good pack, good boots and good clothing. Don't skimp on these items if you plan on hiking long distances and staying overnight(s) If you don't like the pack you can sell them pretty easily on Ebay, many of the forums or some Facebook groups. Not sure why you wouldn't like western hunting...
  12. coleslaw

    Opinions on places to move out west?

    Billings seemed like one giant refinery when I drove through. Very industrial and didnt seem like the cleanest or friendliest. I suppose it wouldn't be bad if you were after Mule deer though. Also, I am from the midwest and supposedly we are a friendly bunch, but I was blown away by the...
  13. coleslaw

    What's your elk rifle and cartridge?

    Browning X-Bolt Pro in .270 Win Vortex Razor LH 3-15x42
  14. coleslaw

    Wyoming Antlerless Antelope Draw Question

    Usually leftovers for doe/fawn in northeast WY. Tough public access, but it can be done.
  15. coleslaw

    Workouts! What are we doing to prepare?

    Run, Bike, Swim- All distance. HIIT/ max rep to failure with weights in between Triathlon training days. Cardio + weight training = stamina. Doesn't seem to matter how hard I push myself though; that altitude still hits me like a brick wall come October. Always need a few days to fully acclimate...
  16. coleslaw

    Favorite NON-Premium Bullet

    Always thought they looked similar. Core-Lokt, Interlock and Federal Fusions...
  17. coleslaw

    Favorite NON-Premium Bullet

    Yep. Been using them on whitetails since I was 12. Lots of ruined shoulders too though lol
  18. coleslaw

    If you had to choose just one caliber???

    Lot's of .30 and 7mm...Where's all the 6.5 guys? :ROFLMAO::unsure: lol
  19. coleslaw

    Stick with the old or go new?

    Have you shot any of the new bows at any of your local shops? You may be surprised/ impressed with the difference. Look at a few different brands and models and shoot them if your local shops have indoor ranges. Try not to be biased and go with what feels good to you. IT'S HARD TO FIND A BAD BOW...
  20. coleslaw

    What is the 1 rifle you regretted buying or wished you never had bought?

    Marlin 336 Guide gun in .450 Marlin. Always fascinated by the big bores and being able to make bowling pins tumble end over end, but this thing would not eject and was very painful to shoot because of the small lever coming back into my fingers with the recoil. Learned to shoot it with my hand...