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  1. J

    Zeiss Diavari Z 3-12x56

    700.00 obo. Two pin head sized marks and one scratch on the bottom side as pointed out in the pics.
  2. J

    WY mule deer

    Shot this Mulie last week south of Sherian WY. 180 yards away with a rifle. Mid day, it was sleeping in the shade. Great hunt, probably one of the best I have had, top 5 for sure. 4 year old, 15" G2's 23.5" wide. Saw 15 or so bucks and 30+ does a day. This was the second best one that we...
  3. J

    Snow fall in the selway?

    Is the snow fall in the Selway any heavier this year than normal?
  4. J


    I thought I would introduce myself. My name is Jason.:D I remember when moosie sent me a link to this site and it was him and I talking to ourselves.:eek: I took a break for the last 6 years from hunting to race. Last year it wasnt fun anymore so I quit and getting back into guns and hunting...
  5. J

    Bear trap

    Bear traps good or not? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TywytNazYDM&feature=related
  6. J

    Swarovski binos the 10x42 El

    Bought in March of this year, used 5 days bear hunting twice deer hunting. Still in new shape, I have all papers and boxes that came with them new. I paid 1725.00 for them, make resonable offer. shinglemonkey@sbcglobal.net Close Focus No Compact 6.22x4.84x2.52 in Dimensions 4.2 mm Exit...
  7. J

    Alaska trip

    Anyone know of an outfitter that has an opening for a brown bear hunt for this fall? Business is good and I would like to go kill a griz and maybe some other animals.
  8. J

    Bear hunting out of state sucks

    Fugg, I sit here in a hotel room in Spokane waiting for a flight tomorrow home. The selway is atleast 2 to 3 weeks behind. There are very few bears out, most of them are 100lb' or less. There are not leafs on the bushs or grass in the drainages that I like to hunt. Last day, last hour Ronnie...
  9. J

    Good deal on binos

    I want a pair of Swarovski binos the 10x42 El, the new ones Anyone have a hook up less than 1,700.00 Thanks
  10. J

    What stops me

    I bought a new lap top to write estimates with when Im at homeowners house and have a printer in m truck to print them out on. The lap top I bought was a hp pavilion dv800 17" full key board with wireless. When I have a few moments to spare I pull up to a local chain hotel and log onto their...
  11. J

    The end of MC racing

    This is called a highside. I was going around 100mph when the rear tire started sliding and then caught traction. It then throws the rider over the front of the bike. This was the first of three wrecks that made me give up mc racing. It knocked me out for 10 minutes, pullled some muscles in...
  12. J


    Tom, I will be headed down your way soon to do some pig hunting. I was told that most are killed at night. Do you have any experiance with this? If so whats a good set up gun/scope wise? Thanks Jason
  13. J


    Are you still a big fat HOMO? Saw your little guns in the bear pic....did you shed some baby fat?
  14. J

    I got a new hunting partner.

    This is Mr Colin Max Lee Melissa gave birth on sunday afternoon. He weighed 7lbs and 7ozs...mom and baby are in great shape...both came home today.
  15. J

    Well lets see.

    Uh...hummmmmm. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . yep, been so long I forgot how to post a topic . . . . . . . . . . . .
  16. J

    Ar-15 for sale

    I bought a olympic arms plinker 223 ar-15 two weeks ago and would like to sell it. I have shot about 200 rounds thru it. paid 525.00 for it would like 425.00 shipped
  17. J

    Couple of bear pics for last week.

    Here is the pic of the bear that I killed last week. If you look close you can see the scar on his nose and the split ears from fighting. He also had a k-9 broken in half.
  18. J

    Had the best year in the selway to date

    Got home last night about 1:30 am from Idaho bear hunting. We went 2 for 4 bears. One guy missed a bear then held out for a huge blonde that he had saw, the other one just couldnt connect with a bear at all. All in all we saw about 15 bears the whole week. No sows with cubs, a few small ronnie...
  19. J

    6 days and a wake up

    Leaving in a week for the selway. This will be my 4th trip in there. This year I am taking 3 guys with me and 2 other ones are meeting us out there. One guy went with me last year,one guy has never been out west hunting and the 3rd has never been bear hunting, just elk with a bow. The other...
  20. J

    Cheapest place for brass

    Hey I need some 7 rem ultra mag brass...wheres the cheapest place on line? Thanks Jason

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