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  1. kansasdad

    Bison, Book Cliffs, Little Creek Roadless (cow only) Kinda long....

    On trail rodeo and all! Glad that went down without injury to either animal or man. It seems like this roadless area has its own microclimate with trout in the desert. An aspirational location to visit
  2. kansasdad

    Daughter’s First Buck

    Super! I love hunting with my daughters.
  3. kansasdad

    When hunts turn for the worse?

    @S13tsilvia sure is a good thing you and your mates were friends with Stifler, I'd hate to see what you might have done if he weren't! :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
  4. kansasdad

    Kansas Turkey Adventures

    I ventured out at 0'dark thirty to see about a fall turkey (bow or shotgun) or perhaps a whitetail doe (bow only). The private land 80 acres of wildlife heaven has changed hands and I feel very fortunate that the new land owners have extended permission for me to continue outdoors adventuring...
  5. kansasdad

    Kansas rifle "any deer/any sex" Eastern zone tag drawn

    That Photo will get me salivating some.... My On-X is getting lots of “need to check this WIHA” waypoints already. And the Outdoors Mentors connections have had some suggestions. @Southwind sent me an archery mule deer from this fall. Bruiser!
  6. kansasdad

    “Shoot the 28 gauge” they said. “You’ll be fine” they said.

    @/sw when you are ready for a world class surgeon: David Schneider, MD Panorama/Ortho Colorado (Golden CO is the main clinic/hospital) I might be biased as he is my younger brother, but he indeed is known worldwide for shoulder and elbow surgery.
  7. kansasdad

    October has been a good month!

    There is a vast amount of satisfaction in a job well done. In the words of the old Smith Barney commercial......"you earned it". PS: how old does one need to be to remember that commercial?? I'm thinking at least 50? PPS: fantastic landscapes captured sooooo well.
  8. kansasdad

    Once In a Lifetime

    Thumbs up all the way around.....landowners, NoDak POTSland, @Flatrock, wife/kids/work flexibility, skidsteers, good shooting and an entertaining way of telling your tale @Schism PS: Love the glassing knob photo! I could use something like that in the flatlands of Kansas this deer season
  9. kansasdad

    Beautiful Day for a Hog Ambush

    Interesting "Cover scent" you are sporting there sir. I wish for you such a beautiful day with the same buck two weeks hence.
  10. kansasdad

    SFC B will be at it again....

    Crispy fried SFC! Congratulations to all, and a big tip of the cap to the landowner and helpers who help make the trip happen
  11. kansasdad

    Pump Shotgun Feedback/Sugestions?

    @Gerald Martin I too have this SXP that I shoot well. Should come with a big red warning on the outside of the box: Firing pin spring can be easily lost.......use great caution when cleaning. (Especially if done in the field. I still haven’t found the one that ricocheted away when I cleaned it...
  12. kansasdad

    Edward Abbey Approved?

    I can think of a higher than treeline trail in the western Bighorns where I wish a cairn would have shown me the way to the trail on the other side of the divide. On the other hand not having the trail once we made it to the stunted growth down below meant that we went meandering about looking...
  13. kansasdad

    New Member

    Welcome, I think.......and I am not gonna click your active signature link!
  14. kansasdad

    Muzzle loader barrel blowout

    Amazing that nobody was physically injured! Any chance the muzzle end was grounded (dropped/rested) into the dirt resulting in a partial/complete blockage? Sometimes kids aren't 100% aware of where the muzzle is, or the significance of debris in the barrel.
  15. kansasdad

    Hunting every hunt area in Wyoming

    ISWYDT: Area 51! I love the photography work too
  16. kansasdad

    Thanks Hunttalk, Antelope and more

    You all had a lovely adventure, heavy on successfully notching tags. Congratulations
  17. kansasdad

    Shayna's First Deer

    WooHoo!! Congratulations to you and Shayna on a momentous event.
  18. kansasdad

    Last Day Utah General Season Bull

    Extra special when a family member is there to share in the adventure. Congratulations
  19. kansasdad

    A boy and his bear

    Cool adventures. I caught the fact about no guided hunting in WV. Are there other states that don't allow guiding/outfitting?
  20. kansasdad

    First hand Covid symptoms

    Initial virus loading seems to play a big part in outcomes for infected, non-comorbidity patients. If you have a "Small" exposure, the disease process doesn't get as big an initial push and you tend to fare better. If it is a "Large" initial exposure the opposite happens. This seems to hold...

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