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    The Great Wyoming Checkerboard Belt

    Ooh, which candidate?
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    Public land nemesis

    Now THIS is a hunting saga. One way or the other I expect to see "The Legend of Hilljack and Cheif" on HBO in a few years or something.
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    Surprise surprise yet another Wyomingite

    Hi all. I'm a 1st-time hunter who lives in Laramie, WY. My dad has been hunting in SE Wyoming since we all moved here 10 years ago, and I finally got the opportunity to join him for pronghorn season this year. So far no luck, but the season's not over yet! Lets see... job-wise for now I'm a gig...
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    Wyoming 43. Haven't been there for years....

    Here's hoping. We did take 287 up to Rock River this afternoon after a few failed stalking bouts in Laramie River HMA, then 13 down through Diamond HMA, just to glass over a few areas of non-HMA state/BLM land in the area. Saw a few around the wind farms and drinking from the water in the...
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    What is your Trophy taxidermy protocol?

    I'm going hunting for the first time this year, but my dad has already hunted elk and pronghorn for about 10 years in SE Wyoming. I think he got a shoulder mount done with his 1st speedgoat, and then a European mount with my sister's first kill (also speedgoat). If I get my speedgoat buck this...
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    Hunting Slang

    Other than the general slang terms I've heard my dad use and that I've seen people on here use, like "glass" (verb, to view an area/object via binoculars or a scope) and "bust" (when your quarry sees you and runs away), not much. Though I did get a kick out of explaining to a guy from the east...
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    Laramie Whitetails

    I've seen plenty of them IN the city of Laramie. Even helped out a young lady a year back who nailed one on Snowy Range Blvd and flattened the front end of her SUV in the process. Threw out some road flares to help direct traffic around her vehicle since it was a very dark stretch, and dragged...
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    Weather change coming

    If it makes you feel any better I didn't notice it either, but the weather does happen to be taking a turn for the worse in SE Wyoming this week, so... still relevant?
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    My Theory of 2020's Anomaly

    More like the prophet that came up with that prophecy was dyslexic and this is just the leadup to 2021 when it REALLY goes to pot...
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    Weather change coming

    LOL bundle up, buttercups.
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    Hunters Education Course Help

    I did an in-person course early this year, but this was before SHTF with Covid-19. AFAIK they do offer a hybrid course which consists of an online classroom portion followed by a single "range day" in person instruction. Its possible WG&F may have waived the "range day" requirement because of...
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    The Great Wyoming Checkerboard Belt

    I'm doing my first antelope hunt in area 43 in Wyoming, but unfortunately a lot of the BLM land is checkered out. However, I think there are a few wind farms on private land that are adjacent to/allow access to state and BLM land. Even if we can't hunt on the wind farms, simply being able to use...
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    Wyoming 43. Haven't been there for years....

    I've been going out on the weekends with my dad. It's his first time hunting 43 in the Laramie River HMA, and my first time hunting period... not having much luck though. I talked him into taking a day off today to see if going on a weekday would lay off some of the pressure from other hunters...

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