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    When hunts turn for the worse?

    I think this post has every Australian slang term I've ever seen in it, short of "bogan" and "Macca's." Ha. Great story. Glad he got back in there and got a nice stag.
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    JJ Walker RIP

    This is my personal favorite
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    Nevada Worth the Money

    Hopefully they never do. I would think if elk numbers stay like they are now, we'd need an unprecedented surge of new hunters applying to create that much competition. Anyone who wants to should be able to hunt elk many times in his life if he stays healthy and applies for reasonable hunts, as...
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    Wyoming Preference Point Reminder

    What asherdad said, but also: try Idaho instead.
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    JJ Walker RIP

    Great episode from a great show. Rewatching as an adult makes me realize what great characters Red and Kitty were, and well acted too.
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    Well..I officially lamed out.

    I love this time of year, when Northern guys are like "I'm not going out to climb a mountain with snow blowing in my face" and Southern guys are like "I'm not going to go sit in a tree and fight mosquitoes" hahaha
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    CORN 2020 Colorado/Wyoming season

    Man you're doing it up right this year. Loving the stories good luck in CO
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    RobertD's 2020 Season Ramblings and Other Misadventures

    Corn, you'd be surprised at some of the deer we have, especially in the Southwestern quadrant of the state. If you have an area with hardwood creek/river bottomland mixed with peanut and/or corn fields, you can count on some pretty gnarly bucks to be around. Re: the gutless method, it's...
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    When Hunting became shooting.

    I'm an AoE3 guy myself... debating buying the new edition but afraid it'd sap my schoolwork productivity completely.
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    Driving on the right side of the road

    "Welcome to Hunt Talk."
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    Wilderness wolf adventure

    Very cool story, nice wolf.
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    Sheep n elk

    Nice bull. You guys returning to hunt elk there?
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    Deer - lets see em

    Opening day of rifle in South Georgia ag country.
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    RobertD's 2020 Season Ramblings and Other Misadventures

    Update: I rang the bell last night, but a few hours drive home plus skinning, butchering and caping out my buck took until the early hours of the morning. Went to bed tired but so excited I still could barely sleep. I sat out the evening, with a doe and a small fawn for company. About thirty...
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    RobertD's 2020 Season Ramblings and Other Misadventures

    This will be a good place for me to chronicle the 2020 hunting season here in Georgia to look back on and hopefully entertain some of the fine folks of Hunt Talk. I know I enjoy everyone's live hunts and I hope everyone enjoys mine. 10/17. Rifle deer opener here in Georgia. I'm on a stand and...
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    NM travel restrictions, negative test rule gone

    My dad and sister just got back from elk hunting in the Carson east of Chama. He says everything was fine, but a lot of the area towns had pretty stringent mask requirements so if anyone is headed that way do carry one with you
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    MT salvage permit deer

    Way to set a good example. I can see how it would be moving to watch a pretty young buck expire like that.
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    My Nevada 2020-2021 trapping Journal

    Neat, they do look to be thin skinned.
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    WyoDoug 2020 Antelope

    Great buck Doug, congratulations man
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    CORN 2020 Colorado/Wyoming season

    Man you're clearly learning and developing as a hunter. Earning it. Congrats to your dad. Oh and that antelope buck is tough 👍

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