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  1. Sytes

    Trump Admin Announce Exlansion of Hunt / Fish Opportunities

    The Center for Biological Diversity.
  2. Sytes

    Amy Coney Barret confirmed and sworn in.

    Greatest testament for a Supreme Court nominee I've had the privilege to see. Incredibly well spoken.
  3. Sytes

    Favorite back country tent stakes

    Those look great! Thanks for the share. Mine hold up - typical Coleman orang-ish color however the tops (cord loop side) of a few have bent over time... cheap though have done the job. I think it's time to upgrade and those look like quality stakes. Good Q. No real clue... I've had issues in...
  4. Sytes

    Anybody Buying Yet? Where’s the Bottom?

    Based on past trends, I agree. I'm not soo sure this go... Not wanting to make anything political... That said, definitive comments made by our candidates are a bit alarming and may cause a trend that strays from the norm. Again, lets keep this clean of political jabs. Hopefully we can discuss...
  5. Sytes

    Elk Massacre near Hwy.89 between Rawling and White Sulpher Springs

    Words evade... sick.
  6. Sytes

    Anybody Buying Yet? Where’s the Bottom?

  7. Sytes

    Beautiful Day for a Hog Ambush

    Very nice - and relaxing enjoyment with a smooth looking thunder-stick!
  8. Sytes

    How do you sight in your guns?

    As one not big with the enjoyment factor for sighting in, and one who's seen my rifle take spills with me, it's the burden that I deal with to ensure my shots are true. Off my truck. I have a jacket to perch or use a small sand bag. 25 yard target dialed then ---> 200 yard target. Nothing...
  9. Sytes

    Tagged out and grateful

    Well done! Very well done! :) Grats.
  10. Sytes

    Comment on proposed USFS manual change for e-bikes.

    Agree 100% and shared such when this thread was introduced. It's an in your face oxymoron. I guess my Dewalt cordless drill is non motorized... On note of this topic and as shared prior years though not to the march of the boots only crowd: Alliances with human powered back country cycles would...
  11. Sytes

    Comment on proposed USFS manual change for e-bikes.

    Agree. If we are comparing animal and human powered. Motorized cycles, IMO, are in the exact same category as motorized anything and have their legally designated areas on our public Lands. Human power and animal power is open to designated areas as well. Ever tried pedaling a cycle off trail...
  12. Sytes

    Comment on proposed USFS manual change for e-bikes.

    Hmmm... Erosion... now this does relate to @Wildabeast earlier comment. Scientific studies have found cycles cause less impact than horses. I think horses are good in our back country... on and off trail. All for them! All for llamas, Matt's goats, alpacas, humans... and backcountry cycles -...
  13. Sytes

    Comment on proposed USFS manual change for e-bikes.

    I see your point. The day I see this on a non motorized trail... :ROFLMAO: I enjoy y'er posts @Wildabeast :) Rassin' ya.
  14. Sytes

    Well..I officially lamed out.

    We'll do the same. Best for a speedy recovery. And best to your grandsons as well. Hope their diligence / determination pays off.
  15. Sytes

    Firewood for a wall tent hunt

    I believe regional pricing, type, and qty play a large factor. For NW MT - We pay $200 per seasoned, quartered, no longer than 16" larch (mainly) / fir cord. We buy 8 cords so it drops the cost maybe $20-30 a cord. When truck base camp - chainsaw is my friend. First day is typically set for...
  16. Sytes

    12 Team Fantasy Football League

    Very nice - though it needs the "MTGriz" or at least the UM Griz print chiseled into the handle. A great way to make a prize of a FFL game. Thanks.
  17. Sytes

    Well..I officially lamed out.

    Work today. First opening I'm happy to be at work. :) My craziness begins the 27th - 2nd. I had some wild hair to plow my way back into the Bob, snow shoes (PITA) and sled (an actual snow bonus for a change) and make something of this however, partner called, said I lost my mind while laughing...
  18. Sytes

    Black Wolf Down

    Amazing! You are dialed in! Grats on a nice one!
  19. Sytes

    2020 Debate

    All for a good laugh. Enjoy! Remember, you too can make an adult decision to not press the play icon if you are the offended type... yep, you know who you are on all sides of the political aisle-s. 🤣 Really, this is pretty darn funny if you could use a chuckle. Enjoy.
  20. Sytes

    Once In a Lifetime

    Epic story! Great pics! One of the few occasions the story was my main and photos secondary. Thanks for taking the time to put this event into words. Grats on your hunt! Quality experience.

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