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  1. Lawnboy

    2019 Breaks Sheep hunt

    Finally getting around to posting some pictures. I'm not sure I'm up for posting a huge long story but I'll throw some photos in. Anyone who draws a Breaks sheep tag isn't expecting it and I was no different. In fact I didn't even have a clue about Bighorn sheep or the Breaks in general. It...
  2. Lawnboy

    Your favorite treat to eat on a backpack trip

    I am getting ready to head on a two night backpack trip and was just thinking of things that would be a fun treat to eat once we reached our destination. Does anyone have a favorite mountain house dessert or any other type of thing they take in as a reward?
  3. Lawnboy

    FS Crispi Valdres size 11 $215 shipped

    I bought these on Black Ovis and have put about 15-20 miles on them but they are just a little too small. I feel like they fit more like a long 10.5 for my feet. I wanted to make them work because they are just starting to feel nice except for the steep downhills my toes are hitting. My last...
  4. Lawnboy

    School/Mass shootings what's the answer?

    Just curious what the practical answer is to this nonsense. With my own kids in school and knowing that some crazy could mow them down on the playground without even entering a building is scary. I'll be honest I'm to the point now that I'd rather see semi auto weapons. banned/not sold except...
  5. Lawnboy

    Anyone tried the Meopta S2 82 mm Spotter?

    I have read a bunch about these and was looking for some real life experience from Hunttalkers. Sounds like they will easily compete with the Swaro ATS 80 but curious to your findings.
  6. Lawnboy

    FS: Brand New Crispi Idaho GTX size 11.5

    I got these a couple years ago along with another pair in a different model. I need a size 11 and it’s too late for me to return these now. These sell for $369 on most websites currently. I have really liked the brand and the quality of this boot. One boot is missing the stock cheap insole. I’m...
  7. Lawnboy

    New toy

    This is actually my son's gun but I'm helping him get it all together. Here are the details: 28 Nosler on a remington action, timney trigger set nice and light, greybull precision stock, Leupold Mark 4 4.5-15, 26" Bartlein Sendero barrel. Spiral flute just for looks but does help cut some...
  8. Lawnboy

    Costco Pants review

    https://www.costco.com/UB-Tech-Men%27s-Travel-Pant-with-Comfort-Waist.product.100303218.html?catalogId=10701&langId=-1&storeId=10301&krypto=K%2FFeQ%2FZKV8I7ps59SJl39as7qNoQCUgNy%2ByaxgVFT9%2BHp0NCbcVly7UrzLoOw6v08fCe62uGfJ9G%0AZ53RXzkIqlsdGGrxWWNrhI1JopI9HpE%3D Just thought I'd share a little...
  9. Lawnboy

    8 is Great!

    Well I typed up the story twice now and have had the process crash while loading pictures so I'm done and am just going with what I have now. I got the opportunity to go back to Alaska again with my brother and my son Tyler. This is my 8th trip up there over the years. My brother went out on...
  10. Lawnboy

    Leupold Warranty A+

    I know it has been written before but I wanted to give a shout out to Leupold on the web again. I had a gold ring spotting scope that took a tumble on a hunt causing a crack in the eyepiece lens. The damage had nothing to do with quality issues of the scope but everything to do with "scope...
  11. Lawnboy

    Poaching Justice

    Finally a judge who does more than slap the wrist. Hopefully this will set a precedence for other cases in other states. http://magicvalley.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/man-sentenced-to-rider-for-poaching-trophy-buck-in-rock/article_f000f72e-81dd-5238-afbe-442b404eb243.html
  12. Lawnboy

    Boy's Deer

    Since most are enjoying the short stories of the hunts this year I'll try to make it brief. My son also had drawn a special draw deer tag. Critter had been getting word from Moose hunters that they were seeing nice deer in the area in September. I've never really looked for muleys early...
  13. Lawnboy

    Dad's buck

    My dad has been putting in for years in a couple different limited draw areas in the state and finally drew one this year. He was all excited and we spent a few trips scouting in the summer with the horses and saw a few good bucks. As the season came he went over early and saw very little but...
  14. Lawnboy

    FS: Mystery Ranch Longbow

    I have too many MR packs (if that's possible):D and am looking to downsize the fleet. This pack is in good shape with no rips tears or stains. There is a little wear showing on the mesh part of the shoulder strap but that's normal with this type of material. I dug up an old picture of our...
  15. Lawnboy

    Idaho bill H0032 any info?

    I just saw this posted on Facebook. It looks like the bill in general is to increase some resident tag fees which more than likely is necessary since most F&G departments are strapped. Supposedly though there are a bunch of attached riders allowing more private land tags and selling of tags...
  16. Lawnboy

    FS Vortex Viper spotting scope

    This is a brand new in box Vortex Viper HD 15-45x65 Straight Spotting Scope. I was surprised with a spotting scope for Christmas and had planned on just giving myself this one. I'm keeping the Christmas gift and selling this one. I've never had a Vortex scope and was excited to give this a...
  17. Lawnboy

    Cool Story

    http://www.fox8live.com/story/27723550/geographical-mix-up-bring-pennsylvania-boy-to-chester-sc-to-hunt-with-sheriff?clienttype=generic&mobilecgbypass This makes me wonder just how many kids are out there that would love to go out but just can't. I would love to take another youth out. I...
  18. Lawnboy

    SW Mt. Mule deer article.

    http://www.bozemandailychronicle.com/news/environment/commission-considers-female-mule-deer-tags/article_798ddfbc-8262-11e4-95f0-7fd2b18e6c4a.html?utm_medium=desktop&utm_source=block_937344&utm_campaign=blox I almost couldn't believe it when I read this today. Someone please help me...
  19. Lawnboy

    Lobo Watch Nuts?

    I made the mistake of commenting on a post on Facebook. I truly think this guy is crazy. He is slandering Randy like no other on his page. I know Randy could give a rip about this guy but man what an extremist. Scroll down the page till you see the picture of Randy...
  20. Lawnboy

    Daughters First!

    Had the great opportunity to go out with my 15 year old daughter on the youth hunt. It wasn't up until last year did she show interest in hunting. I never pushed her but man has she latched on to it. We tried an area that I thought would be an easy deer hunt in the morning but never saw a...

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