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  1. idfishnhunt

    WY Antelope Buck+Doe Tags Application Question

    I haven't hunted Wyoming yet for Antelope, I've just been buying points...and haven't applied yet. I have 7-points right now. My question is this, if I apply for a buck tag and I assume you can add doe tags to it, or additional people with doe only you have a 100% chance of drawing...
  2. idfishnhunt

    Successful Walleye Trip!

    Went out walleye fishing a week ago and caught some monsters. First big one was 14.84 lbs, and the second one was 14.34 lbs. I let these both go to spawn. We kept some males for dinner. Thanks to Duck_Slayer for asking me along.
  3. idfishnhunt

    Wyoming Unit 57 Type 2

    So according to the info I found WY added a 2nd hunt to Unit 57 last year, and with 7 points I might be able to draw it. But the Type 2 description is as follows: "Any antelope valid west of Sweetwater County Road 23S and B.L.M. Road 3310, and north and east of B.L.M. Roads 4411 and 4409."...
  4. idfishnhunt

    2018-19 Waterfowl Season

    You've probably seen some of these on my hunting partners post, but who doesn't like looking at waterfowl pictures? We still have a few more weeks here in Idaho to get some hunts in, so hopefully the success continues.
  5. idfishnhunt

    Bear Huntress Needs Some Votes

    They are running a contest over on YCBHA for bear hunting photos. My daughter Taylor has her's up. If you get a chance it would really help her out if you could go give her a vote...and if you have a picture you should upload it as well, it's a great contest. The more pictures the better IMO...
  6. idfishnhunt

    FS: Q5 Centerfire Upland Vest

    This is a never used "Complete Vest". I am 220, and 5'-9", and this vest fits me, as for that I can't really give a size on it, the straps are adjustable on it so I'm sure it would fit a wide range of people. This is what is included in the Complete Vest. – Q5 Daypack – Q5 Shell Pockets – Q5...
  7. idfishnhunt

    F/S Vortex Viper HD 15-45x65 Spotting Scope - Straight

    Like new condition, PM if interested. $600.
  8. idfishnhunt

    Kenetrek Mountain Extreme Boots

    I have a brand new in box, never used or put on pair of Kenetrek boots that I won in a raffle. The current pair are a size 9, 400 gram. There is a certificate with the boots that allows you to send them in and exchange the type and size for an equal or lesser cost pair of boots at no cost. If...
  9. idfishnhunt

    Anyone know what this is?

    Can anyone tell me what this is? I thought maybe an old bino harness. I can't find any info on it though.
  10. idfishnhunt

    Bear Baiting Station

    So decided this year I'm going to try a barrel instead of just doing it on the ground. For the most part I have what I need regarding all things except the size of the chain. Obviously I don't want to have to haul in more weight then I need to. For those that are using chain to anchor your...
  11. idfishnhunt

    KUIU Gift Card Balance

    I have $28.54 on an online Gift Card, after they switched over their site they gave everyone the codes for their balances online to use. I will let you have it for $18.00, if paid to me by PayPal. PM me...I know there are some hard core KUIU folks out there, I just saved you $10 bucks.
  12. idfishnhunt

    FS: Sitka Accessories

    Selling as a lump, all in great condition. Don't ask me why...but the Medium Gloves on one is the same size as the Large Gloves on the other. $125 + Shipping. Sitka Jetstream Gloves M Sitka Jetstream Beanie...
  13. idfishnhunt

    Tripod & Pan Head

    Looking for a good combo on this...not wanting to spend a fortune like an Outdoorsman though. I'm handing down the one I have to my daughter to use for her bino's. So I'm looking at one for a spotter. I was looking at Vanguard PH-113v Panhead, and I like the way it much so that I...
  14. idfishnhunt

    Basemap vs. OnXMaps

    Weird...had this ad come up to me on the internet so I checked it out. I didn't realize there was competition with OnXMaps. All my stuff is with OnXMaps already so I'm sure I won't switch, but this company must have just started or something. They even have a somewhat similar logo.
  15. idfishnhunt

    Marmot Helium 15 Reg/LT Zip

    Selling a brand new bag, never used. I have three of them, and thought I needed another, but don't. I've only had it a year, and it has been hung in the "fluffy" bag, NOT the compressed bag...and I have taken it out a few times to let it rise. $300, if your in the Treasure Valley we can meet...
  16. idfishnhunt

    FS: Sitka Jetstream XL

    I have two items them together and pay $350. I'll pay shipping to lower 48. Sitka Jetstream Jacket XL $250 Sitka Jetstream Vest XL $125...
  17. idfishnhunt

    Day Pack Weight

    I'm curious what people are pushing for weight on their day packs... ...not including water or optics and tripod, food, because those could vary. Let's just say your usual items to get by for the day, kill kit, clothes, first aid, gps, back up items, camera, phone, sitting pad, etc. Feel free...
  18. idfishnhunt

    BCHA Tom Foolery

    So I decided to enter my daughter into the BCHA Photo Contest...which there are some pretty cool pics. I actually thought she had a pretty good chance till I see this other dude on there end up getting 160+ votes within the past week...sorry, but no way that picture is better than some others...
  19. idfishnhunt

    The Ethical Dilemma of Doing What is Right

    I had posted this originally last fall...but it really didn't get much exposure on here, not like I was hoping, just based on the dilemma that it presented. So I decided to work with one of the new sponsors on and got it published out there in a more public forum. So here is...
  20. idfishnhunt

    Camouflage Comparison

    Interesting articles on camo...based on the reading and pictures, nothing really stands out to me as anything that would truly camouflage a person. I think being downwind, quiet and still are probably your best tools...