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  1. J

    No elk, but a good time

    Who the hell is "corkey Ramano"??????
  2. J

    All cows, rags and spikes

    And I thought wolves were vegitarians. Good luck next time around Elkhunter, Sounds like its just a matter of time before you connect with the right bull!
  3. J

    The time has finally come

    Good luck Bill!! Look forward to seeing those pics!
  4. J

    Elk hunting is soooo sweet....

    As soon as Im done with puberty I too, will be a cool ninja like you guys. You guys find the wierdest crap!! :D
  5. J


    DS, Surely you have seen what whitetails will do to a saltlick?....I have a few on my farm but I have never seen a shooter buck using it :confused: Maybe they do it at night. I put them out just for the heck of it. It is illegal to use ANY method of baiting here also (including salt) The...
  6. J


    Nice racks!! (on all accounts) How much did she charge you for that?
  7. J

    future champ??

    Thanks Gato, The sire is Credit river Tucker he advertised in coonhound bloodlines from time to time. Tucker is out of a Skeans Dolly littermate. (dahoneys boone bred) ;) 2 of these pups from this litter went out to Washington state to be hunted on cats. Hey, those are nice looking pups...
  8. J

    future champ??

    This is my toothless daughter and a pup out of my last litter. <FONT COLOR="#800080" SIZE="1">[ 07-26-2002 12:27: Message edited by: josh ]</font>
  9. J

    Indian reservations??

    ha ha ha ill be sure to bring a tape recording of a tractor bringing feed! Id be glad to put some hot lead through one of them corn fed bulls!! :D
  10. J

    Indian reservations??

    yeaaaaaa boy thats great news!!! :(
  11. J

    Indian reservations??

    Hiya Cali.... Its the crow indian reservation south of Billings Mt.
  12. J

    Indian reservations??

    The area Im gonna be chasing elk this fall borders a reservation. Do these reservations get a lot of hunting pressure or can they be a hotbed? The reason I as is a few years ago while bear hunting we just sat on the boarder of a reservation and waited for the bear to come on to private...
  13. J

    Training Opener

    Training opens here the 1st of July, it has been real hot here too. Seems like we are getting on a lot more big mean bear this year. One guy has 3 dogs laid up to bear injuries already. I havent seen a bear in a tree yet this year even though we run a couple of them evrey night. Good luck George.
  14. J

    2001 Wyoming Harvest Success

    I agree....Statistics are interesting but sometimes dont tell the whole story. My brother and I also struck out in WY last fall.....We saw a lot of deer, but nothing that blew my skirt up. Saw some real pretty country and had a good time. Going home empty is a reality a lot of the time the...
  15. J

    Tracking receivers

    I have a Tracker maxima, I really like it because of its size but I think the range is somewhat exadgerated. Most of the guys I hunt with also have them and I have heard no serious complaints. I am convinced the tracker collars are the best! The signal is Real strong and accurate
  16. J

    Whitetails in Dec

    Hi blacklighting, If I am not mistaken Missippi has a lot of whitetails but because of the liberal tag limits the big ones are a little harder to find. Having hunted out west a couple of times I think it is easier hunting whitetails in this part of the country......you dont have to cover a lot...
  17. J

    Whitetails in Dec

    This warm wather kinda sucks for deer hunting. The deer here seem to be feeding as if it were cold already so I would look at food sources, and hope to find a good buck chasing a doe. I saw a buck hot after a doe this morning so its not out of the question yet.
  18. J

    Another Antler Question

    I like the uniqueness of a non-typical, I dont see many of them though. Like DS said, either hes a shooter or he aint, I have learned to let them walk if I start second guessing.
  19. J

    coon hides...

    Hi Gato, Long time no talk The hides are about as prime as they are going to get because the coon will den up soon and there wont be a track to be found till mid Feb when the breeding starts. Too bad you dont have more of them :( Its a lot of fun going after somthing there are tons of. :D
  20. J

    coon hides...

    How are all the coon hunters doing this year? How are them english hounds doing Engmann? I sold my hides last night, got 25$ tops and 1$ on the bottom.....They sure discount the smaller ones. Average was 12$ so I feel pretty good about that.

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