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  1. K

    Some of your first hunting experiences..

    My Uncle was my hunting mentor. He took me rabbit hunting when I was 16. At 18,he took me deer hunting,for the first time. That first year,he never let me out of his sight. I spotted a set of tracks in the light snow(with bare patches),and he directed me to follow them. I followed them carefully...
  2. K

    How many years...

    I hunted hard for four years,from 1948 to 1952,before I got my first Whitetail. New york had a "bucks only" law,back then,an I had to pass on about a hundred does during that tme. Frank
  3. K

    Who's NEW ?~?~?~?~

    Hello,Everyone My name is Frank Earley,and I'm from the Empire State.Thats a long ways from most of those who I followed on this thread. I'm a Whitetail shooter,got my first one in 1952 with a Factory 30'06 round.I got my last one this past Wednesday,with my own paper patched 30/30 bullet. I'm...

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