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    Glen Canyon

    Here we are, 11 years later. I ain't shriveled up and died yet. Tick-tock, tick-tock.... Water levels continue to drop at Lake Mead, Lake Powell
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    Edward Abbey

    I've read some of his stuff.
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    Hayduke's Country

    Nice country.
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    Glen Canyon

    Going, going.... Upper Colorado River Basin Drought The Upper Colorado River Basin is experiencing a protracted multi-year drought. Since 1999, inflow to Lake Powell has been below average in every year except one. In the summer of 1999, Lake Powell was essentially full with reservoir storage...
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    Glen Canyon

    1_pointer: At some point, there will be no water to store in Glen Canyon. Upstream users will increase storage capacity to keep more of the water granted them in the Colorado River Compact. Downstream demands will increase to the point that there will not be any "surplus" to store. Lake...
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    Glen Canyon

    You guys like to discuss dams. Think there's any chance they'll ever decommission the dam creating this 180-mile sewage lagoon? Rethinking the Colorado Glen Canyon Dam idea worth discussion By Peter Lavigne Since he was a boy in the 1960s, gazing at an exquisite but soon-to-be-flooded...
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    WA, OR and ID ask Congress for permission to kill sea lions

    An old friend of mine would say that what you boys need up there are a few pre-cision earthquakes.
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    Guess the Score

    That's a darn nice buck! It would have been nice to see him in a couple more years with some more mass.
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    ALASKA in 07 !!

    Good luck on the hunt! I hope to get up to that country some day. It would be neat to experience country that a person could walk for days and days and days without seeing another human.
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    There are thousands of abandoned mines and thousands of miles of roads left over from the last boom. They are still cleaning up tailings and gating portals. We will see I guess. Maybe I am getting worked up about nothing. Nobody else seems too worried about it. Is there any good hunting in...
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    Shat your pants bear hunting...

    Wow! That guy made a good shot under pressure. Good thing he didn't miss!
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    Here's why elk ranches should be illegal in every state

    Good to see there's not many guys here standing up for that canned hunting crap.
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    Best Picture of 2006 !!!

    Wow, cool pictures guys!
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    Hey, not sure if this is where I should post this:confused: , but have any of you noticed the recent surge in uranium claims in the west? It seems the increase in use of nuclear energy overseas has raised the price of uranium enough to renew interest. Natural gas exploration is a big...
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    Using ATV on public lands

    Lots of ATVs everywhere in southern Utah! They need to get a handle on them before there's nothing left! Sorry for bringing an old topic up. :)
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    Thanks for the welcome, guys!
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    Cool site you have here. Just another newbie saying hello. I like to hunt anything out west. Do a lot of wandering in between. Lots of cool stories here. Hope to contribute some in the future!
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