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  1. J

    future champ??

    This is my toothless daughter and a pup out of my last litter. <FONT COLOR="#800080" SIZE="1">[ 07-26-2002 12:27: Message edited by: josh ]</font>
  2. J

    Indian reservations??

    The area Im gonna be chasing elk this fall borders a reservation. Do these reservations get a lot of hunting pressure or can they be a hotbed? The reason I as is a few years ago while bear hunting we just sat on the boarder of a reservation and waited for the bear to come on to private...
  3. J

    coon hides...

    How are all the coon hunters doing this year? How are them english hounds doing Engmann? I sold my hides last night, got 25$ tops and 1$ on the bottom.....They sure discount the smaller ones. Average was 12$ so I feel pretty good about that.
  4. J

    Anybody here going to the world hunt?

    My buddy is hunting a dog there this year. He just made Gr Nt. last week and got beat up pretty bad in the process. drew a real rough dog, hope he heals up for next week!
  5. J

    Getting ready for hide season???

    When does everyons seasons start? There is no kill season on coon here so I only kill a few in the summer for the dogs sake. mid October no coon will be safe! my 1 year old Female has treed over 100 coon by herself this spring and summer so I am real anxious for fall to come. She also treed her...
  6. J

    Running Bears???

    We have been out a couple of times now, treed a small bear last night and a couple last week. Its been so dang hot and humid here I think I will Wait a cople weeks before going again. Hows everyone else doing??????
  7. J

    Gay bar

    A man walks into a gay bar, two steps in he realizes his mistake, but figures he will just have one quick drink and leave. The bartender approaches him and asks"whats the name of your penis?" The man says "look Im not into any of that, all I want is a drink." The bartender replies " everyone in...
  8. J

    White Turkey?

    I havent ever visited this thread because I dont hunt turkey, but I have tons of them on my farm Anyway... I see a few turkey from time to time that have some white feathers mixed in, kinda gives them a gray appearance :confused: Does anyone know the rason for this?
  9. J

    Skunk smell!! HELP?

    My 8 month old met her first skunk the other night. Normaly I would just let the smell wear off, but this dog has been kind of a house pet(the kids decided this on their own)I have done my best to keep her outside the past few days but the kids miss her and want her back in the house Anyone...
  10. J

    Honestly...How often do you run in the off season???

    I know a guy who hardly ever even lets his dogs out of their kennel during the off season, last week I hunted with his dogs, I was amazed at how good they were, considering they never get out! It has me wondering if I am wasting my time trying to get the dogs in the woods at least a couple...
  11. J

    Hound hunting??

    Do you ever feel like houndsmen are the redheaded stepchild of the hunting world? I never see outdoor programs on tv that feature hound hunting........I would think filming a bear or lion chase would make a real exciting show....Hmmmmmm?
  12. J

    Tracking collars

    The telemetry subject got me seriously thinking about getting some tracking collars......I have lost dogs in the past..the thought of loosing the ones I got now sends shivers down my spine!......Anyway.. What kind do you guys use?
  13. J

    lion tracks?

    I have never hunted lions, I am curious....exactly how old can the track get before you can no longer run it? I hear you guys talk about running tracks the next day! When we hunt coon or bear I cant imagine running a track that old!
  14. J

    WY-to hunt or not to hunt....

    In light of the tough winter Wyoming is having, I am wondering if anyone will be changing their plans on hunting there or anywhare else out that way? I will still apply for tags..
  15. J


    I have read some people believe the only reason for a hound being silent is an impurity in the bloodline somewhare. Just because a dog is registered dosent nessisarily mean someone didnt fudge lineage somewhare along the line, but some of my registered dogs have been almost silent....but not...
  16. J

    when to breed??

    I know most dogs mature at 7 mos. or so, but at what age do you think a female is really ready to be bred?
  17. J


    I know I might get hammered on this but, have any of you ever tied a cur? Mountain Cur,Kemmer, Blackmouth,leoppard, or any other? I owned a blackmouth and and was, somewhat less than impressed... NOT a good huntin dog, slick treed, if he would tree at all! Just wondering if anyone has ever had a...
  18. J

    Run or Tree

    Both Most of the dogs I have had were trained by older dogs and thats it! The pup I have now will run a track but hasn't had the oppertunity to tree yet, darn snow is knee deep around here, making it realy hard for a young dog..I would have to say it probably would impress me more if a young...
  19. J


    This has had me confused for some time now, what is the deal?? I have shot many Barnes X bullets, so when the XLC became available I tried them....Incredible difference, cut the size of my groups in half! In the Dec. issue of shooting times, Jamison tested the effects of molly, no real big...
  20. J

    Training the "new" hound!

    I am working with a five month old walker right now. Most people I know train their hounds running them with older hounds, I like to hunt a young dog alone till we get a couple of coon, they seem to get with the program faster when introduced to hunting in a pack. Just wondering if any of you...
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