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    Wyoming Questions

    So this is for all you Wyoming residents that have seen the past winter first hand. My partner and I stand with max deer points and 6 antelope points each, so could get drawn for quality hunts in either. The question is, do we use our deer points now, knowing full well that the winter kill...
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    Game Cameras during season

    Does Wyoming have any restrictions on the use of game cameras during the hunting seasons? The reason is, I've been drawn for elk in 63/64 and have a wonderful location for a camera, but it would be in place during the archery early season if I were to put it out there. I would probably...
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    Wyoming draw results?

    I know it is a bit early, but what is the link to get in the backdoor of the Fish and Game via the fiscal records? Antsy to find out if I drew.
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    Bull-Pac FS

    Standard size Bull-Pac pack frame. Used for 2 seasons, some scratches on frame, but just cosmetic. $125 shipped in lower 48
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    Leavin Friday

    Headed out Friday for WY unit 63/64 hoping to help my buddy get a big bull and not donate too much of it to the resident griz. Pretty excited, especially after reading all the successful stories on Hunt Talk. Just hope I can get my lower back straightened out, blew it out on Labor Day. Got...
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    My wife and I went to the NRA Banquet last weekend and we happened to win a couple of rifles. She won a Henry Golden Boy with nice NRA engraving and I won a Weatherby Vanguard S2 300 WBY. I was kind of planning on building a 6.5 Creedmor mountain rifle, but now I have this 300 WBY. Already...
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    WY 64 Elk and Griz

    My buddy got drawn for elk in unit 64, I didn't, but will be accompanying him. I know that is a unit that has grizzlies, but what are the densities especially in upper drainages in the NF? I'll be packing a 44 mag with 300gr hardcast, and bearspray. Any info would be appreciated, thanks.

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