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    38/357 snake handloads

    I bought some Speer plastic shot cups for my 38 ,now wonder what powder to use for sake load? I have some IMR 4227 and Acc 5 on hand.
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    Who's still squirrel hunting

    Who is still squirrel hunting.I am thinking of going this week end.
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    Pawn shop guns

    Going to a large pawn Shop tomorrow ,mostly just to look. Have heard horror stories about PAWN SHOP purchases.I am not looking for anything just looking.
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    Bulge shotgun barrel

    I have a Mossberg three shot bolt action 410 that has a slight bulge in the barrel 17 inchs from the chamber.Has any one ever had a bulge in the barrel repaired ?Thinking of try to do it myself . Any sugjestions ?
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    Savage model 11 338 magnum

    Selling my Savage model 111 in 338 Winchester Magnum. Shoots good ,some small rust spots on barrel that have been cleaned.Making someone a great deal on this rifle. $275 plus shipping.Payment thru PAYPAL. I have 5 guns for sale on GUNBROKER.COM that you gun guys might be interested in. Rooster52
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    Savage model 11 243 Winchester Left Hand.

    Like new condition, Savage model 11 lefthand in 243 Winchester with 3-9x40 no name scope. Selling for $400 shipped to your FFL dealer. Send message if interested. This rifle has had less than a box of ammo thru it ,looks new.
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    Hunting solo

    After the loss of my wife and hunting pardner,this year I will be hunting alone.Looking at Wyoming for deer/ antelope this fall. Probably will wait for leftover this year.
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    Remington 700 with scope

    Remington model 700 in 270 Winchester with Nikon 3-9x40 scope. Shipped to lower 48 to your FFL dealer $485.
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    Three guns for sale

    1 Marlin model 336 2 Remington model 597 22 magnum 3 Stoeger uplander double barrel 410 Private message me with any questions These are listed on under Rooster52
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    Remington Premere 30-06 ammo

    Two new boxes of Remington Premere ammo ,40 rounds. Loaded with 180 grain Scirroco bullets. $50 shipped. Message me if interested.
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    Donating meat in Wyoming

    Where do you donate venison in Wyoming. Living alone ,I just do not need all the meat I take every year. If I cannot find a place to donate ,I may give up some of my hunting.Makes no sense killing an animal without making good use of the meat.
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    For Sale Mossberg Patriot 30-06

    Like new Mossberg Patriot 30-06. Walnut stock,fluted barrel .Comes with two clip magazines.$380 shipped to your ffl dealer.
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    Loss of my hunting pardner

    I lost my wife of 44 years and my hunting pardner last week.We have had a great life together,done a lot.She accompanied me on many of my hunting trips. Loved target shooting and varmint hunting.she will be missed deeply. Life goes on but never will be the same.
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    NEW Nikon Scopes

    What do you think about the new Nikon rifle scopes?
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    My new light weight rifle

    Ruger Compact left hand stainless in 308 . 5 1/2 pounds . Sweet little rifle. On order,will arrive in about a week.
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    Stainless or blue steel ?

    What do you prefer ? Stainless or Blue steel ?
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    Nocturnal Bucks

    All summer and early this fall we were seeing several different bucks on the farm and now nothing,not even a doe for the last few days. Still seeing lots of tracks must have turned nocturnal .Tuff hunting.It does not take much hunting pressure to change there habits .
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    Gun Show this Week End

    Going to a gunshow Sunday. trading/selling some of my guns off to make room for some more.
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    The $99 shot gun

    Just bought two new 410 single shot 410 from WALMART. Something to keep arrround for the kids.Pretty good gun for $99. Called Hatfield.Thinking good Christmas presents.
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    looking for 2017

    Looking ahead to 2017 Turkey season.Just bought an old Long tom 12 gauge made in the 1930's that will be my turkey gun next year. Love hunting with these old classic guns.