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  1. Dieseldog

    Elk .... Let's see them!!!

    2020 WY. Happy but screwed up and shot the wrong bull in a moment of excitement and panic.
  2. Dieseldog

    AZ NR hunters ed bonus point class?

    Has anyone heard anything on this class for Jan 2021? Will they have it this year with all the BS going on?
  3. Dieseldog

    Elk results tomorrow for WY

    Unit 23 for me!
  4. Dieseldog

    Utah called me?

    No bear or turkey. Applied for all other premium tags. Wife had a Book cliffs bison last year but daughter said they asked for me.
  5. Dieseldog

    Utah called me?

    Utah F and G called tonight my daughter said. What would they be calling for now? They said they would call back.
  6. Dieseldog

    Wyoming deadline

    So what can a guy change between now and May? Just withdraw or can i change from special draw to regular draw in same unit? Can a guy change units?
  7. Dieseldog

    Super Bowl snacks.....

    Ceasar drinks and candied bacon around here
  8. Dieseldog

    Leupold Santiam 15x56

    Has anyone used these binoculars? If so whats your take on them. Found a good deal on them.
  9. Dieseldog

    WY bison results

    Something has to change. But what can they do?
  10. Dieseldog

    WY bison results

    Good luck to those of you still chasing. I was in your shoes 2 years ago right up against the deadline. Big herd crossed at night and I got mine the next day. Keep after it.
  11. Dieseldog

    WY bison results

    Update today i saw on FB that Tag and Drag knocked down 9 bison today. Small herd wandered onto refuge and they musta cleaned em out dang near.
  12. Dieseldog

    Anyone hunt cats in AZ?

    I just had an opportunity to go hunt cats in SE AZ. Last minute deal if i go i gotta leave in 2 days from now. Is AZ known for having large cats? A buddy asked me to come down. I think i should go but how to bring it up to the wife and and tell her i gotta leave on Tuesday. Haha
  13. Dieseldog

    WY bison results

    WY G and F is gonna need to do something about the cow season. Not sure there is anything that they can do. They just don't come down. They have gotten smart and just stay in GTNP. When the guy that does th majority of the guiding for the bison hunts up there says on fb. that he would not...
  14. Dieseldog

    New Mexico pubs are out

    Wish the late Muzzy elk hunt was moved back about 2-3 weeks till about the 12th of December
  15. Dieseldog

    Utah 2020 Application Booklet now available

    I beat long long odds one year and drew San Juan early rifle tag with 5 pts. So it does happen
  16. Dieseldog

    WY bison results

    When i had the tag 2 years ago. It didn't happen until about January 28th or so. Just be ready to go at the drop of a hat.
  17. Dieseldog


    Duluth undies are top notch along with mosy of their stuff
  18. Dieseldog

    Heel Blister Help

    So go half size smaller if im getting heel movement?
  19. Dieseldog

    12x14 Davis Canvas Tent FS

    Where do you live?

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