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    Nebraska Poaching

    Fox Lake Wisconsin is a small town. I didn't even know they had a car dealer in the town. I'll have stop by when visiting family back there and try to see what real sleazy poacher looks like.
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    Bankrupt Gun Maker Remington Outdoor to be Broken Up and Sold

    I have a 1963 model 700 in 30.06 and a model 660 in .243. I like them both.
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    What pistol do you carry on hunts

    I've sure taken a bunch of grouse and snakes with my Judge. It's not for protection in my case. In bear country I sometimes carry my S&W mountain gun or my Ruger SRH, but I rely on my rifle.
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    Caution Warning: Racism #huntingwhileblack

    Boy, I'm staying the heck out of this s**t show.
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    Wyo Elk Management "Decade of the elk"

    Leave him be, he doesn't want to hunt Wyoming.
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    Wyo Elk Management "Decade of the elk"

    5 elk in one season? How so? In the regs it says no one shall apply for and receive more than 3 elk licenses in one year. One bull and 2 cow licenses. Am I reading the regs wrong or missing something?
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    Extra Stupid Window Stickers

    Only the Diesels.
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    Wyoming Game and Fish Commission Approves Chronic Wasting Disease Management Plan

    What are the regulations for transporting a deer, elk or moose carcass? Butcher in the field leaving the head with spinal column at the kill site? No transport of whole carcasses? What about non resident hunters taking their kills out of state, thereby spreading CWD if their animal is...
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    Idaho hates NRs.

    You'll run out of western states pretty soon there fella if you're looking for bargains. Prices are rising everywhere. You have to pay to play.
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    2020 is off to a great start!

    How old is your 700? Does it have the flat safety lever or is it round? Mine is from 62 or 63 and has the flat safety. Very accurate old 30.06.
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    Barnes TTSX BT .308 win 150 gr load

    I load my .308 using Barnes 150 gr. TTSX bullets and IMR 4350 or IMR 4064 using Remington brass. It's what my rifle shoots best.
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    Idaho hates NRs.

    Wyoming will still sell every tag it has even if they raise the price even higher than it is. There will always be a non resident with more money than the average non resident. No tags will go unsold.
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    Idaho hates NRs.

    There is always someone who will pay whatever it costs. Always.
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    Ring on Brass Below Shoulder

    Check out the New Ultra light Arms rifles Buzz.
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    Ring on Brass Below Shoulder

    If you can feel it with your fingernail, it surely will not polish out. Honing maybe. IMO, it's a bad chamber/barrel.
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    9th Circuit Ends California Ban on High-Capacity Magazines

    That's right, we have Magpul in Wyoming now. Best move they ever made, Weatherby too.
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    Which bullet for 30-30?

    What weapon? Handgun, Lever rifle, bolt action?
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    Blue Lives Matter

    Of course I did, and I was right wasn't I?
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    Blue Lives Matter

    Happy? Why would I be happy? I'm a realist. I made that assumption before I saw the pictures.
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    Blue Lives Matter

    The murder suspects are non-white. I'm shocked I tell you, just shocked.

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